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15’ gtr215 violent shaking

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  • 15’ gtr215 violent shaking

    Hi, 2015 seadoo gtr 215 of my friends(71 hours), he has no idea about skis but l'm very mechanically inclined but have never messed with seadoos too in depth. So long story short the ski starts and runs fine, you give it throttle to go and get up out of the water it revs up and at about 5000pm it starts violently vibrating the entire jet ski and is going like 9mph. So I pulled the ski and the pump assembly. I tested the supercharger by spinning it, it will spin both ways but needs a decent amount of force to spin it. It does make boost, the charge pipe does make boost. The wear ring and impeller are dinged up pretty good but not extremely horrible, but I don't think it could be only this causing the shaking, not sure. I popped off the pump cone and a few water drops came out but not like gushing out, just a few drops, the grease seems in good shape

    Maybe bearing is bad? The prop in the pump also doesn't spin very smooth to say. At this point I have no clue where to look at so any help is appreciated

    ill try to include a few videos

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    Your impeller and the wearing had better times. Replace the wear ring, you're dealing with cavitation. Probably your pump needs a full rebuild.

    It could be the carbon ring in addition. Put a drop of grease between the carbon ring and the metall surface. If it's gone after, rebuild your carbon ring.


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      Prop and wear ring look like crap. Replace both and that nose cone needs to go also.
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