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Need more top speed rxtx 300

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  • Need more top speed rxtx 300

    Have rxtx 300
    too many performance parts added to list
    issue is, top speed is 84 mph and turning 8960 rpm.
    running 13/18 solas
    willing to loose some acceleration to gain top end speed.
    Any suggestions??

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    to start...

    check for boost leaks
    check wearring and impeller clearance check impeller for damages as well
    check the rev limiter in the map maybe you hitting the limiter


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      Yes check that your wear ring and impeller is good and that the pump seal is not pinched. Less likely is a bad alignment or perhaps weak carbon seal bellows allow air to be sucked in.

      You're already spinning RPM so its not a limiter thing or a boost leak unless you expect to spin higher with your mods.


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        What is you AFR @ WOT? Same for ignition timing.
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          Most tuners are seeing 1mph per 100rpm so spinning 8900 seeing 89mph dash with that particular prop. Who’s your tuner and do you know what your tune looks like as far as safe vs aggressive!? Is your quoted speed dash or gps? Also what year hull the older hulls are not as fast as the newer ones?


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            Are you still running the plastic wear ring? If so, when is the last time you changed it?
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