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  • 2023 GTR Poblem

    How's it going everyone? I just got a 2023 Sea-Doo GTR. I put it in the water today to start with the break-in per the manual.

    At one point when I was going in to dock it it started vibrating pretty violently and felt like it was going to stall out. This was while going from idle to reverse.

    Then later on in the day I was cruising and it felt like the engine cut power on me. It sounds different now and when I go to accelerate it vibrates bad and doesn't want to accelerate. It still idles and goes into reverse fine. It just doesn't want to accelerate.

    I was towed home and looked under it once I got it up on the lift. There isn't anything visible up in the grate.

    What could be going on here? Could something have sucked in deeper beyond the grate opening? I question that being the problem since I had the really weird vibration/stalling feeling earlier in the day.

    Could it be bad gas? Are there any known brand new out of the box issues that sound similar to this?

    It's a bummer I have to pull it out of the water after I literally just put it in. I'm going to get it back into the dealer this week but any insight on the problem would be great. Thanks.

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    Believe it or not little twings can get caught in between the impeller and wear ring and cause what you are saying. The first few hours the ski will not have full power. IMO every new owner should at least learn how to pull and inspect there pumps or have deep pockets and a bunch of time they want to loss at the dealer.
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      Very good chance you simply sucked something and its stuck to impeller blade. All it takes is something the size of a finger nail stuck to the impeller blade to make the ski shake badly and not accelerate. Get a flashlight and go under the ski, look through the intake grade at the impeller.


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        Something must have been stuck. After going forward and reverse a bunch of times there was a pop and everything went back to normal. Thanks for the help.