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260hp block heads and internals into RXP 215

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  • 260hp block heads and internals into RXP 215

    G'day everyone,

    I've got an 04 RXP 215 that has suffered every known RXP failure (SC, 2 dropped exhaust valves, cracked block, the works!)

    Stupidly i'm still in love with it and determined to get her back on the water.

    parts for the 215 are rare as hens teeth in Australia but I have found a 260hp engine that's spun a rod bearing.

    can I repair the 260hp engine and run it with my 215 electrics, SC, manifolds ect? Or are there internal differences between the 2 engines?

    ideally I'd like to make 1 good engine from the 2 and get running again as close to a stock 215 as possible.

    thanks people!

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    215,255, 260 all have the same internals, different years made PTO ignition pickup in different positions and oil passage and something with the front oil pump location you will have to check.