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'10 215 Wake Pro | Upgrades | Newbie from South Australia

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  • '10 215 Wake Pro | Upgrades | Newbie from South Australia

    Hi All,

    Thought id post up my upgrade path as i go, i have just recently purchased a 215 with 96hrs for the family as a rec ski. So far i've used it for the last bit of the season and notched up to 105hrs.
    Its in great condition and was one owner, never been in salt; with only a supercharger to do scratches on the hull and a faded cover to complain about. Trailer was even in good working order, they didn't use the ski much as they owned a malibu.

    Ive owned an 80s clinker hull 350 chev speed boat for a few seasons before selling it 10yrs ago and having kids and getting organized. I wanted to goto japan do all the car culture and drive days before my 40th but the covid and the wife didnt approve - i managed to get her to OK a jetski

    The previous owner had it serviced at the dealer, however never had the supercharger out, the rest of the history is the regular wear ring and an ibr unit that stopped working due to a rock getting stuck in there, having ridden 2 other skis i knew this one was the right pick even if it sat alot higher with the ridding position compared to a regular GTX/GTR. Most of the clamps are intact, doesn't even look like there was even much water in the bilge. Tidy as and a great buy for 10k AUD/ 7k USD with the trailer

    Mid life crisis in check i now have a toy to go hooning around on the river in first day we managed to put a rock into the wear ring but we got it out after taking the intake grate out. felt the cavitation immediately so i shut it down and swam it back in, fortunately it didn't go through the other side

    Rode around on the learning key for a few days, wasn't really that impressed with the pickup - actually thought there was something wrong with the supercharger but its just the tune/soft take off thats built into the green key map. After i got a bit more confident we chucked the yellow key on and WoW what a difference in pickup! and then of course i had to hit sport mode. All we found was that it lunged out of the water a bit more sounded a bit more tuff but no change to top speed etc.. around the 106 kph /65mph mark id say its speed limited to that.
    Performs great as a rec ski, wife and kids love it. no issues pulling two kids on the knee boards just a bit hard to work out the cruise control and i dont think the speedo is accurate at the best of times - obviously alot less wake than a boat which im used to. The rear seat and wake pole is simply amazing for the rear rider - much more comfortable and easy to spot.

    As always i got addicted to the acceleration, so i vowed to never leave anything stock. Been building cars for years to this wont be any different.

    So i signed up on here and started my research journey, and list of dumb questions Unfortunately this build wont be anything that crazy just looking at stage 2~3 215 upgrades
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    First round of mods:

    Bilge pump - 750gph seaflo (need to work out where best to put the unit and the outlet)
    Rear air filter + cold air ducting
    Supercharger rebuild, was on the fence for weeks was considering X charger - have come round to 127+3mm wheel replacement, goals are quickest acceleration
    Catch can
    Volt meter, boost gauge (keep an eye on slip), afr innovate
    Tow tap
    External intercooler + groco strainer
    vtech or maptunerx after or before i do impeller
    seadoo palm grips

    impeller - still on the lookout, i am chasing low end accel, ive been advised to go solas srz-cd-14/19A, still researching alot of threads in here. Might have to decide once i get it all together and see where i end up

    I confirmed the wake pro has the deka 48 injectors (109031), so one less thing there.

    Started taking some parts out, see what fits

    sc wheel looks like its eaten plenty of river water

    Patiently waiting for parts to arrive
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      Have started on the intercooler mount, and swapped one of the end tanks around to better suit its new home. It going to get cramped in there with the air filter and kanaflex but it should all just be touching. I dont really want to go hull exhaust i rode a gtr 215 and it was noisy as with lots of drone

      also have removed the exhaust manifold, in preparation for drilling the o2 sensor, with the lack of wall thickness and the single one shot i have - local jetski wreckers dont have any spare if i drill through the water gallery. I'm considering another option instead of just tapping the manifold. Drill a 13mm hole, bore it out with a die grinder to suit the 15.8mm bore of the sensor, and weld on the m18x1.5 fitting to the outside of the housing

      https://fafauto.com/products/haltech-o2-sensor-weld-on-bung-6061-aluminium-ht-010701?currency=AUD&variant=41804653822130&utm_med ium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google%20Sh opping&gclid=Cj0KCQjw4PKTBhD8ARIsAHChzRJg1HyT3XWRY sIOLnBtOafQkIteMPYem3Pl7ML5co3spB4MQ1Uk9mYaAtLGEAL w_wcB

      additional parts have started arriving, i swapped out my tired old handle bar grips with the palm grips - way more comfy
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        So some parts arrived for the bilge pump, i found a spot near the carbon seal which should work out well when its sitting in the water, first tried to run the line under the water box but it didn't clear. So have run the line under the engine and then routed out through the port shoulder. Ended up using a stepped drill and it left a very nice fitting and hardly any fibres. Pretty daunting drilling into a perfectly good shell!

        Groco strainer and tow tap installed in the rear access area, ready for the external intercooler lines

        Removed the exhaust manifold to get the afr gauge bung put on, and took out the supercharger ready for a rebuild and new wheel

        Have started doing some wiring for the switch, usb charger, volt gauge. More to come
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