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  • 2006 RXT

    Hello, I have been away from the jetski family for 10+ years (life got in the way) I am back! last week I bought a 2006 RXT with a window in the block.. I purchased a 2005 RXP core engine.
    It is getting bored out 1.0mm over with WSM piston. All fasteners Are being replaced with ARP bolts. it came with a new rude 2 charger, SX intercooler, 50lbs injectors (1711373, supertech valves, springs, retainers, keepers, thru hull exhaust- with o2 in the J-pipe, Air filter kit, ECU flashed for the 50lbs injectors, and 8800 rpm limited.... pump wedge,nozzle ring set, intake grate...
    Question/ Help needed for best Combo
    Cam RXP 2005- 420837629 or 2006 RXT 837851 cam ??
    SOLAS 14/17 or 15/20 I am send the 15/20 out for repair. should I have it made into _______???
    Nozzle ring size 81, 82, 83, 84 ??
    Intake grate keep or put the stock one back on ?
    Any advise would be appreciated

    Thanks in advance !

    Also have a good 2005 RXP head no valves, crank, 2ea. pistons with rod for sale

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    629 cam is much hotter than the 851. I would run the 629 and send the 851 out for a stage 2 regrind.

    I would run the 15/20. I don’t like solas props that start with 14. They don’t have enough root angle. But I also tried running one with a stock rev limit. Hit 8200 at 1/2 throttle and went about 66 mph. SLOW.

    Which 50 lb injectors are they? If they’re the old Riva/Delphi I would look for some modern Siemens/Bosch/stock 260 injectors in 48/50 lb to swap in. The Delphi injectors were notorious for locking up at 61-62 psi and base fuel pressure is 58.
    My GPRXP car frankenstein - Microsquirt, 137+4, LS injectors, R35 coils…