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SeaDoo RXPX-RS 300 93mph+ build - pump stuffing issue PLEASE HELP

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  • SeaDoo RXPX-RS 300 93mph+ build - pump stuffing issue PLEASE HELP

    Hi all, i am new here. I am building a full on supercharged RXPX-RS 2018 300. I have literally done everything to the ski including lightweight cam gears, lightweight flywheel with more teeth for more supercharger revs/boost, custom XXX supercharger, everything billet fuel system, race fuel pumps, 2000c injectors ready for ethanol at 9,600rpm. I am telling you the ski is fully loaded. I am running a Solas 159mm 15/22R as i want to be able to spin the engine as fast as possible combined with a higher teeth number lightweight flywheel which should give me more boost = more revs.

    PLEASE HELP; I was doing a top speed run in some very slight chop so thought pump stuffing would not be an issue since some air will be getting in between the water pressure into the water tunnel. Long story short it pump stuffed hard at around 93mph, the back end flew out of the water and the nose dived underwater. I ended up in hospital with fractured bones attached to the spine and on morphine. I have always thought of pump stuffing and relief valves but at this modified level now i NEED to get it done to avoid future accidents.

    I need someone to (if possible) give me a detailed write up of what i need to buy and how the relief valves should be done as i am the first in my country to experience these problems, we had just read about them before and assumed due to always having some chop since it's open sea no rivers or lakes around, pump stuffing was not a serious issue. HOW WRONG WE WERE!

    SO PLEASE, ANYONE, I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE SOME HELP. As at the moment you would be helping the whole jetski scene in my country since everyone was a bit shell shocked by my accident and noone is really pushing these sea doos past 87mph in fear of pump stuffing.

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