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About Superchargers: Inherent Flaws and Preventing Failure with Metal Washers

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  • Thank you....

    Originally posted by bluestram View Post
    Yes, you should do a complete rebuild at 118 HRS
    Thank you very much for the confirmation.


    • My Gtx 255 iS 2009 model just reached 160 hours.
      SC i was told by dealership had its service at 100 hours.

      The last 5 days i rode for 6 hours some quite long distances...aprox 85-90 miles.
      Noticed my ski lost rpm and speed. Also at around 6000-6500rpm the ski seems sluggish instead of giving more boost.
      at first i thought it was the riva springs and retainers, being heavier, that led to the power loss.
      I installed the rotax retainers along with the oem springs, but no luck. At first it would go up to 8300rpms (vtech stage 1 tune) but only once....then it wouldn't go over 8000.
      Moreover once i just saw i have no oil visible in the oil stick! I suspect it might be the oring of the SC....i ll take it off tomorrow to check the whole thing. Any ideas as to what else to check?
      Oil level was fine 5 hours ago.
      SeaDoo GTX 300 Limited