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Bullet-Proof Your RXP/RXT/GTX 4-Tecs...

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    Does anyone have pictures of these things replaced? so i can get an idea of what we are talking about and where?

    [quote=Pale Rider;26631]This is a copy of the list that GP posted at SDN.
    When he presented it to SDN, I made sure I copied it for future reference. Something to keep in your ski file...

    3- Add clamps or stainless-tabbed zip-tyes to your bailer tube check valves, the gray ones inside the rear area of your hull. (All)
    4- Make 110% sure the bailer tubes themselves are securely inserted in the venturi.
    5- Secure your bailer hose plastic 90 degree elbows up high in the hull. NEVER allow them to lay low in the hull or water will injest instead of remove.

    9- Fog the engine with the appropriate lube. WD-40 isn`t the right one for fogging.

    11- Run a blow-off valve for the supercharger clutch longevity, it provides no real power gain, but is a big reduction in the abuse that is an actual "good method" of solving a tough problem that Rotax had to address when developing this set-up. This keeps the SC shaft from snapping when the pump loads and reloads at high RPM`s and heavy loads.

    15- Replace the spring clamps at the heat exchanger plate spigots with high quality hose clamps.

    16- Replace the Exit Exhaust Hose with a quality metal tube designed to handle water and not rust or corrode.
    two - 2004 RXPs


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      RXT-X 2009
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        great info!


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          Bullet proof

          Good advise..thanks. My local dealer did a 100 hr check, cost a few bucks but I assume it's worth it. The impeller needed repair, he recommended fixing it to 99%, rather than a replacement (good decision?); Also, have not run the ski since the repairs...I smell gas in the engine compartment..is this common when the ski has been stored for a few months?


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            Life is short, MAKE IT COUNT!


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              2 x2004 RXPs in need of serious assistance

              I'm an owner of two 2004 RXPs that have sit since mid 2006 with nothing done to them nor ridden due to my deployments overseas. I'm back now and I'm trying to clean up the mess without starting over with new skis and without breaking the bank. Any suggestions for a maintenance shop near Raleigh, nc would be greatly appreciated.


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                Always great to read what others use to save time and money!!


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                  what's the french term for knock sensor please? and do you have to remove it when you use the riva ecu?
                  In the build 2010 rxt 260rs


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                    thanks for the tips!


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                      Awsome Post.. Today I have lots of work and clamps to replace....


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                        Very informative, good post!! Did this at the 10 hr service on my first RXP, installed Riva exhaust hose and blow-off valve, spend money now or pay big $$$ later.
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