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Water flush psi (recommended?)

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  • Water flush psi (recommended?)

    Hey gang - at my summer cabin we have a new water pump. Our pump is set for 55 psi. I have a number of Seadoos and they range from a 1998 gsx to a 2020 rxt-x 300. Do I flush them with the garden hose pressure at 55psi? Or should I regulate my diy flush kit to a lower psi?

    do the 2 strokes and 4 strokes have different water flush psi?

    I ask because our previous pump was set to only 40 psi. Wondering if 55 is too high

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    I've never seen a pressure spec for the flush water in a Sea-Doo manual but I have in a Kawasaki one. I don't think it matters but there's no reason to use full pressure from the hose-just open the valve enough to get a flow from the exhaust opening.
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      Okay cool - thanks. Wouldn’t wanna stress any gaskets out and do damage