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Help With GTX 170 Steering.

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  • Help With GTX 170 Steering.

    Hi All,

    I have a GTX 170 and have been having issues with it pulling to the right, I have adjusted the steering for it to track straight which results in the jet pump being offset by a quarter of a hole ( Rigging hole) to the left... This results in nice tight turns to the left but poorer turning to the right due to less travel as the jet pump nozzle is already slightly left to track straight..

    I went out this morning with the jet pump rigged dead centre with the bars centre, still gradually turning right it appears that there is more drag not he RH side of the Ski... it is a 21 model, low hours and the hull is immaculate. Has anyone else had this issue? At this stage my options are full steering control but bars crooked tracking straight or straight bars with tighter Turning to the LH side.

    Pic below is the steering offset with jet pump centred for straight tracking

    Any thoughts? help?

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    Ok sorted! issue was the intake grate had been removed and was installed off centre by approximately 2mm, Ie the forward bolt had been tightened while grate not centred!