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Mixing n' Matching 04/05 & 06+ heads and blocks.

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    Originally posted by cckeong View Post
    my Question is Can you run an 04/05 head on an GTi 130HP 08 Block with 255 wheel?
    You haven't given enough info. Do you mean running a stock 130 block including the stock pistons? If yes, then no, you cannot do what you are asking.

    Unless you want to blow it up in short order, LOL. The combination of high compression cast pistons with high boost is not a good idea.

    Replace the pistons with the right ones, and you can do what you are asking. You just need to use a 2006+ rocker shaft with the early head.


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      Good day! I'm going with the turbo on the 04-05 year. I damaged the engine block, I have a block of 06 + unit, I want to insert the oil valve in it, so that in line to the turbo has always been oil. But here's the question! Should I close the hole on the balance shaft?



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        This maybe stupid but can you run a 05 block with check valve removed with a 05 head? With 05 shaft or a 06 shaft? I was going to install a 08 head on this block is why the check valve is removed. Now I'm putting a 05 head back on and don't want to buy a check valve if I don't have to.


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          Is there any other casting numbers or identification on these 4tec blocks to identify the year of manufacture other then the front ID tag
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            I think, but don't quote me on the lower block 1/2 there is a year with a circle around it.
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              Just to make sure.... i have an 05 215 scic sportster, i got a reman head from sbt, can i use the 05 rocker arms and shaft if I remove the valve? Or do i need to drop another 100 bucks for a newer rocker shaft?


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                For anyone who has drilled the hole and removed oil restrictor has there been proven success in this modification? Who can chime in with the hours and use on this mod? Thanks
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                  Well just been through this with my engine.. and guessing like any car engine. if you dont have a restriction going to the valves/rockers it will starve the rest of the engine of oil and will flood the top of the head with oil. 2002-2005 blocks have the restrictor jet in the block.. 2006 and up engines use the smaller oil hole in the rocker shaft to restrict oil flow.

                  If your block has a restrictor jet in it (2002-2005) you must use a 2002-2005 rocker shaft. if you want to run a newer head or shaft (2006+) you must remove the jet in the block.
                  If you have a newer (2006+) block with no restrictor and want to run older (2002-2005) head or rocker shaft you must buy replacement block jet or fork out the money for 2nd hand (2006+) rocker shaft.


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                    Does anyone know if the crankshaft are different?


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                      Originally posted by dragmiata View Post
                      Does anyone know if the crankshaft are different?
                      Yes, they are different. There is an entire sticky dedicated to this topic here:


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                        Please help guys. New to Seadoo. I have a 2005 RXT, can I use a 2006 SHORT BLOCK?


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                          Originally posted by hotbutta View Post
                          Please help guys. New to Seadoo. I have a 2005 RXT, can I use a 2006 SHORT BLOCK?
                          Yes, just use a 06+ rocker shaft.
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                            I know this seems to be redundant but i am just a little confused.

                            I have a 2005 RXT that needed a new cylinder head. So I got a remanufactured one from SBT. They sent me back a head that is from a 2008 (even after stating that i have a 2005). So now I have a 2005 block (still with the restrictor valve in it), 2008 cylinder head (single oil port), 2005 rockers and a 2005 rocker arm (w/ 3 oil ports).

                            All put back together and in the Ski.... I've got about 4 hours on the rebuild and it is consuming oil and smoking like a 2 stroke out of the water on the hose. The cylinder compression are all between 172-178psi. I rebuilt the supercharger at the same time, but I currently pulled it off and split the case to install a new Viton oil seal to be sure that it is not the oil leaker.

                            SBT says, that as long as I have the older rocker shaft that doesn't restrict the flow (since the restricter valve in the block is doing that) installed that i sold be good to go?

                            Is this OK???

                            What are your thoughts!? Does anyone out there happen to be running a newer cylinder head (06+) with older rocker shaft (04-05) on an older block (04-05) with the restricter valve in the block? Does anyone know if there is any literature out there that Sea Doo or some else says not to do this?

                            Thx in advance for your help