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**Official 4 Tec Oil Thread**

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  • **Official 4 Tec Oil Thread**

    I've been researching what oil to put in my 08 RXT-X and found a few.
    So with mods/admins permission I would like to start a thread that is oil only and hopefully will become sticky. Oil that worked and oil that failed.
    There are so many oils out there that technically work with 4-tecs (N/A and Blown) and would like to try to list them in one location for reference.

    So far what I have found is the following will "technically" work with an RXT-X, all being 10w40 4-stroke

    Amsoil Formula Marine Synthetic Motor Oil (WCF)
    BRP 4 Stroke Oil 293600121 (new symi synthetic oil for all 4-Tec engines)
    Castrol Act>evo Semi-Synthetic <-what i'm using (20w50 due to NM heat and altitude)
    Honda HP4S
    Honda HP4
    Mobile 1 MX4T
    Motul 7100
    Royal Purple Max-Cycle

    A guy named Dan and his rant on 4 stroke oil
    Automotive vs. Cycle oil
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    Xps synthetic blend #293600121 (5W40)
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      Valvoline VV740 10w40. JASO certified for wet clutches.
      07 RXT: Seized Engine. For Now. Was 73.5 mph @ 8300 rpms

      03 GTX SC air intake solas 12/20, grate, wedge,
      AAT nozzle, RR 158* TStat, Vortec/riva wheel.
      64mph @ 7400 rpms

      08 RXT: S3 Charger. Riva 3 air intake. No opas. Wedge.
      13/19 prop - 67 mph at 7920 rpms. Going to try 14/17. AAT nozzle


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        Regular Valvoline 10w-40.. No issues after 2 years.

        2006 GTI 4-Tech
        Mine-2006 GTI 4tec
        Hers-1995 XP


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          Castrol 4T motorcycle oil 10W-40... works great for me and changed every 15 hrs. max


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            Here is the link for the AMSOIL 10w-40 Synthetic Marine Oil
            Save up to 25% off retail by becoming an AMSOIL Preferred Customer

            Kevin Stubaus AMSOIL Direct Jobber
            www.TrySyntheticOil.com Email: TrySyntheticO[email protected]
            1-800-AMSOIL-4U (267-6454)


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              Castrol 10W40 no problems!
              2004 RXP SCIC
              2005 GTX Ltd SCIC


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                100+HRS on my 04 RXP NO PROBS REDLINE SYN 10-30 wet clutch approved.


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                  how many people using the sea doo oil? is it good stuff? i have an 04 rxp mild mods. and a stock 06 rxp. i can get the oil at a discount price at my local shop.


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                    Has anyone used Lucas 10w40 Semi-synthetic Blend?


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                      Originally posted by Waterlogged2 View Post
                      Has anyone used Lucas 10w40 Semi-synthetic Blend?
                      Yep, thats what I use, especially at $6 a quart!
                      2017 Scarab 195 HO Impulse


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                        amsoil for me -- its been working great
                        2007 gtx limited mods. solas 12/21.5 with back set mod - Jim's ride plate -groco strainer - catch can - 42# injectors - RRFPR - begi and fuel rail - X-charger with a pro wheel - fizzle intercooler - riva pro exhaust - Riva intake grate - fizzle 4" air intake - Riva pump wedge - worx sponsons - SS wear ring


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                          Valvoline Syn 10w30...

                          I have a 06' GTI-SE 130 HP, was wondering if I can use Valvoline Syn 10W30 made for cars.. or what... Thanks for the help guys..

                          **** I KNOW THIS FORUM STATES USING 10w40.. but I already have the oil****

                          Thanks again..


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                            So basically it needs to be an SG oil or MA oil synthetic or not?
                            2016 RXTX-300, Stock and fast...

                            SOLD 2010 RXT-X260, 90 hours, Fizzle 4", 15/20R-2.5mm, R&D Grate, Exhaust, RRFPR, V-tech 8650, 83mm nozzle
                            [email protected] on gauge Water 77, air 75, slight chop, full tank
                            Still dialing it in

                            SOLD 2004 RXP 215. X-Charger-10.5psi boost, XS IC, 42's, 4" intake, 08+ Exhaust w/metal piping, Groco Strainer, Riva Grate, Wedge, Nozzle-82mm, 15/20R, Cheap boost guage, Removed nosecone, Rideplate/Grate holes filled. [email protected] Water 61, Air 60, Choppy Water, Full tank


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                              just wondering, im about to change my oil now and last season i bought the amsoil but there was no amsoil filter......what is the best filter just to get up to date??
                              2008 seadoo RXP-x: RIVA pro series Block-Offs, RIVA sponsons, RIVA rear exit exhaust/rude tip, RIVA Intercooler relocation kit, RIVA intake mani/Les Cooke fogger system, Solas 15/22r prop, R&D grate (faster of the 2), ProTaper bars, Riva XBar Mounts, ODI grips, Custom Jettrim Seat.....