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How To: 2008 RXP/RXT Storage Cover Shock Bracket Location Service Bulletin

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    The assembly was broken when I got the ski last year. Fixed it but will implement this fix so does not break again.


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      Be sure to also tighten the bolt/nut at the back of the assembly......its way up near the nose of the ski.
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        Mine was also broken when I got the ski... Going to use the self tapping stainless screw idea with a liberal application of Gorilla Glue, wheres it going after that... NO WHERE!


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          Happy to find this service bulletin ... we have a 2007 RXT and the storage cover shock has disconnected several times. I had finally gave up trying to reattach it.

          Per the bulletin the bracket location in this RXT has been relocated 15 mm to the left, measured using a paper template cut to size.

          One end of the shocks locking clip was too bent to reuse (from trying to reinstall the shock one too many times). If this happens to anyone else, it is possible to replace only the end locking piece as it will thread on and off. It is called something along the lines of a "gas spring ball socket, size 10mm w/ m6 thread pattern". We bought one here ...

          I reattached the gas shock w/ a different method than the instructions. Rather than removing the rod that attaches to the storage cover (see #10 - #12 in the service bulletin) I found it easy to use a ratchet strap wrapped around the shock to compress it enough for re-installation.

          Now it's time to test out the repair in some waves!


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            Originally posted by jpt7779 View Post
            I accomplished this procedure today and is very easy and works! I used 3/4" self tapping stainless screws instead of rivets for the new holes. Also found the forward hinge bolt very loose, probably causing shock to fall off in the first place.
            OK, I realize I'm replying to an almost 10 year old thread, but it looks like you are still active on the forums JT. I just acquired my father in law's 2007 SeaDoo RXT and the sturt for the hood is destroyed (ordered the corrosion resistant one from McMaster's someone mentioned) and the bracket on the bottom simply came loose in my hands. I've cleaned it up and looks like it should be fine to remount in the new position as mentioned here. I have 2 specific questions about the procedure as described by JT. You mention using 3/4" SS self tapping screws for the new "Holes". Did you pre drill the holes or just drill the self tapping screws into the new spots through the bracket. I saw someone else mention Gorilla gluing it after it's been secured with screws, ostensibly to both seal it and provide further reinforcement, is that something you'd' recomend as well? Specific type of Gorilla glue you'd use if yes? (That's a subquestion of the second so still only counts as 2 questions..lol)