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2005 Sea Doo GTX taking on a little water

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  • 2005 Sea Doo GTX taking on a little water

    I picked up a used 2005 GTX Non SC unit for my Daughter and wife to ride. Took it out yesterday and found it takes on a little water in the hull. I was cleaning and waxing the bottom this morning and see it looks like someone had the intake grate off. The black silicone sealant was put on poorly and they wiped the extra on the ride plate. I have cleaned it up but want to pull it and reseal it to see if that is where the water is coming in. What is the sealant used and where is a good place to get it? The sea doo only has 74 hrs on it and looks like new pretty much. Other than the Goo smeared on the ride plate, it looks completely stock. Can you just use the Permatex RTV Silicone gasket material? I have used it several times on Transmission pans when I change the filter and fluids on our trucks, but not sure how it holds up in water. Thanks for any info.
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    Permatex Right Stuff is used on the intake grate and ride plate and can be found at most auto parts stores.

    Do a Google search for a 2005 GTX Shop Manual in pdf format, you will find it invaluable especially for the correct torque on the intake grate bolts. If you over tighten these it will cause you MUCH ass pain!

    The water intrusion is most likely the carbon ring seal. The shop manual will instruct you how to change it out.
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      Thanks JT. Will check on the carbon seal. My 04 Supercharged hasn't had that issue(taking on a little water). I was out for 1 & 1/2 hrs and it had about 1/2 gallon in the bottom of the Hull. Again, thanks for the info.....


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        One simple thing to check could also be the O-Rings on the Drain Plugs. After time they become cracked and will let water in the Hull. You can get the repalcements from Lowes. Not a bad idea to replace them every couple of years. From time to time I put a little vasoline on mine to keep them from drying out and make them easier to screw them in and out. My 2011 S3 hull plugs are a pain to screw in and out. Actually I crossed threaded one and almost sank my ski.


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          Thanks for the tip. Will check that out also... How do you like the New S3 design? Does it handle as well as the SEA DOO advertisement video says it does?? Where you located in S.C.? Planning to ride Lake Hartwell just over the line soon.


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            Love the S/3 Hull!! I also have the I/S Model. I ride in Lake Moultrie a lot and at times it gets pretty rough and the Ski handles the water very good. Lake Moultrie is about 45 minutes from Charleston.