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GTS 130 hull speed question (potential if it got an X charger)

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  • GTS 130 hull speed question (potential if it got an X charger)

    So my mostly stock 08 rxtx 255 has some fiberglass damage and IÔÇÖm mulling things over in my head. I know I should probably just learn to fix the fiberglass. But, I think my buddy still has an old GTS 130 hull without the engine behind his shop. ItÔÇÖs got the newer style gauge cluster and Bosch ECU. No Ibr, no reverse at all. YÔÇÖall know where this is going. What sort of speed potential does the GTS/GTI hull have? Rxtx is running 71 right now. If I drop a complete 255 drivetrain and 159 pump in this thing, is it going to buck me off or rip its own intake grate out? Is it only going to do 65? What happens when I get stupid and throw a 137 and injectors at it? Im seeing this as a somewhat quick way to tune this thing with HP tuners in a newer looking hull. Or should I just hold off and keep looking for a blown up T3?

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    My GPRXP build, now with Microsquirt and 137+4 charger:http://greenhulk.net/forums/showthread.php?t=295078

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    Repair the damaged fiberglass. very simple.