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Programming key fob remotes on Chevy?

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  • Programming key fob remotes on Chevy?

    I was wondering if their is any GM mechanics on this board to answer my question. My gf bought a 06 chevy malibu. The car didnt come with any key fobs so they dealer order them and mailed them to us. What is the way to program them to the car?
    I know that their is a way to do it on your own with going to the dealer. For example since I work on Jaguars. On the XK & XJ models you need to pull the headlight switch back while you turn the ignition to position 1, then flick the headlight switch 4 times. All the remotes will be program at the same time to the car.

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    take out the radio fuse. put key in car, turn to on position, then off, on, off, on the car will lock and then unlock which means it's ready to program. hold the lock and unlock buttons on the key fob, until the car locks and unlocks again. that should do it..


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        Is that the way for my car or for other GMs? The computer goes through the radio because the radio is the message center on the malibu.


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          I did this universal procedure for my Silverado. It may work for your Malibu since it is a GM.

          1. Close all the vehicle doors.
          2. Insert the ignition key into the ignition lock cylinder.
          3. Press and hold the door unlock switch on the drivers door.
          4. While holding the door lock switch in the unlock position, cycle the ignition ON and OFF three times.
          5. Release the door unlock switch. The doors should lock and unlock to confirm the program mode.
          6. Press and hold the LOCK button and the UNLOCK button at the same time on one FOB. If alls well, in approx 15 seconds, the doors will lock and unlock.
          7. Repeat the previous steps to program up to four FOBs.
          8. Turn the igntion switch to the RUN position in order to exit the keyless entry programming mode.
          9. Check each FOB to confirm operation.
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