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Differnce between 2022 GTX LTD 300 and RXT-X 300?

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  • Differnce between 2022 GTX LTD 300 and RXT-X 300?

    My local dealer has a few 2022 models which I'm interested in mainly because of the Seadoo promo of 2.99% financing for 36 months (and $1k less than '23 models). Initially I was focused on the RXT-X for use on a large lake with frequent choppy water. Then i saw they have a GTX LTD 300 too. I read they both have the ST3 hull.

    So what is the main differences between these two models? Thx in advance

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    GTX has:
    Depth finder
    Different seat design
    Boarding ladder
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      The sponsons are also different. Both sponsons suck but the GTX sponsons have got to be the worst possible sponsons Sea-Doo could have bolted on to that hull. Whichever ski you end up with will need these sponsons ASAP: https://www.4-tecperformance.com/ind...ducts_id=10597
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        I would go with rxtx300. Should be less off a price but same performance.