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  • Max BEST Warranty

    Is there a max amount of warranty years you can get when you purchase a new RXP. Ive got the original 1 year, plus a promotional year added.

    If I go to purchase additional years, am I limited to a certain amount of years?

    Can I get 3 additional years for a total of 5?

    or am I limited to a total of X years from purchase date.

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    Hi Seadawg - I think I responded to this post on Sea-doo.net

    I believe you can only have a total of three years from date of purchase. So if you bought in February '05 you have until Feb. '06 to purchase a BEST warranty that will only take you until Feb. '08.

    Am I right on this people?
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      How do some people end up with 4 years of BEST? I've seen a few of those claims around. I wonder if this can vary from dealer to dealer.

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        First year comes with purchase of ski, next 3 is an option , therefore 4 years total!
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          I believe that you could purchase a 3 year warrenty...so that gives you a total of 4 years

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            Does BEST need to be sold by the dealer that sold the ski or can it be any dealer?


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              Any dealer
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                I think all these posts are accurate - so I'm not sure where people are getting more than 4 years. The first is the manufacturer warranty w/ no deductible. The remaining 3 BEST years have the $50 deductible (I think it's fitty?).
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                  i purchased my RXP in april and my warrnty. through best expires 2/25/07
                  50$ deductable.
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                    I just called a local dealer and the price for the 3 year B.E.S.T. extended warranty is $900.00, how much have you guys paid ????
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                      800.00 X 2 for me, I think they are usually in the 850-900 range, shop it around...

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                        There was a dealer on eBay selling for less. I haven't looked in a while, but I remember GP from PPG saying that BRP would be dooing something about it. BTW, dealers in Florida can't discount the BEST warranty according to GP.

                        Also, you can have more than one warranty fix for the $50 deductable. I had my plastic pump replaced with aluminum and both oil pressure sensors changed for $50... Ron
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