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engine overheating alarm

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  • engine overheating alarm

    Hello guys i need your opinion.
    2021 spark ho used as rental machine with 280 hours started developing engine overheating alarm problem.
    Coolant level on vase stay stable, owner of the business never had do add any. i checked the cooling system at the shop and clearly see coolant circulation in vase and system, thermostat is opening and heat exchanger get hot like it should. i re setted mini maxi temp with buds system and took the ski for a ride wot . i immediately felt jetpump cavitation, 8300 rpms at 38mph. replaced the worn out impeller , there was already a solas ss wear ring , pump veins have slight damages but nothing terrible. replaced the prop and max speed is now 44mph at 7800 rpms, much better and max recorded engine temp showing on buds was 203 degrees. a little high but no overheating alarm anymore. Owner took the ski back , rented it again the following days and overheating alarm wet off again, after 4-5 hours of consecutive rentals, no alarm the first 3 hours or a little more. Ski is back to the shop, coolant level is still perfect, no coolant added, buds system says : max engine temperature : 222 degrees. i already checked at the shop the overheating alarm goes off at 215 while monitoring with the buds.maxi exhaust temp was at 165 . 7 degrees above alarm is not crazy high but enough to put the ski on limp mode and end up the rental session.
    At this point i don't really know what do do besides replacing the thermostat . i absolutely never experiences spark engine overheating problem without finding obvious problems like coolant leak, blown head gasket .
    again no coolant consumption, no pressure build up in vase, coolant level stays the same .
    Any opinion to share?
    forgot to say : we are in Florida and gulf temperature is at 90 degrees right now and keeps climbing every days.
    The Jetski Repair Shop
    South Pasadena Florida