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New Trixx. What to know?

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  • New Trixx. What to know?

    Just picked up a new 2023 Trixx (traded in a 2018 Superjet no one was riding).

    Anything I need to know? Steering feels a little stiff sitting on the trailer, so wondering about that. Audio system is not wired in and needs to be charged. Curious how long that will play between recharges? Dealer said change oil at 100 hours I seem to recall. That seems high. Any things to do or watch out for?

    Any advice much appreciated!

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    Other than following recommended break-in escalating rpm time periods not a whole lot; I change the oil and filter in pretty much EVERYTHING we own at first 10 hours and then every 30 to 40 or every other season whichever comes first. Spark plugs every 30. That’s just me tho, to each his or her own …

    (I had everything needed to change oil and filter and plugs ordered and in the garage before we took delivery so, yeah, I’m one of “those guys”

    I also ordered a replacement wear ring and set up a “ready kit” of the few tools etc needed so as to minimize any downtime if and when the granddaughter needs me to replace it

    some pretty good YouTube videos on getting the PM stuff done …

    Congratulations and Enjoy!!!!!
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      A Spark is really low maintenance, as mentioned it's really only engine oil, oil filter and sparkplugs, appart from inspecting and cleaning, but then you have PTO sleeve and seals at 200h, without a yearly limit, that's a bigger job. However, I do not see the point in 30h sparkplug replacement, and 30-40h oil changes (if you drive less than 100h/year), to me that is just a waste of money and effort.

      The maintenance schedule, as you can see, calls for spark plugs every 200h or 2 years, engine oil and filter every 100h or every year. Sparkplugs in moderately tuned 4-strokes would normally last way more than 200h, and todays syntethic, or semi-syntethic, oils way more than 100h.

      But obviously everyone is free to do as they think best.

      Click image for larger version

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