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Spark Chewing Wear Rings

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  • Spark Chewing Wear Rings

    Hi all,

    It's been a while since I've been here with my endless Kawasaki Ultra 250x issues but now I've arrived with my first ongoing Spark issue and am hoping the brains trust can throw some ideas at me 😊.

    My spark has began to go through wear runs unfortunately. I'm only in my 2nd now and have owned it for 3 seasons but the 2nd lasted me about 5 hours at a guess versus the previous which last considerably more.

    I favour the plastic rings to avoid destroying my Solas impeller but do use aftermarket plastic rings which are a lot strong than OEM.

    The lip of plastic that the pump sits over on my last ring sheared off and was just hanging in front of the prop which took my top speed down about 10kmph.

    Both rings (kept my old one as a spare when I replaced it because it wasn't too bad) have scoring in the plastic.

    I've been looking into motor alignment and a parts store actually suggested it could be transom related.

    What's everyone's experiences and where / how should I start troubleshooting?

    Whilst we're at it, in fear of needing a tow someday, do sparks require a tow tap or can they be towed in water as is in factory spec?

    Lastly, I've got a 110 tune and a Solas impeller (can't remember the pitch now), but was wondering what the best pitch combo is for the most torque and acceleration? Not fussed about losing top end speed, all about the G's for me. 😎

    Thanks all!

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    Well we have 3 TRIXXs in the family and they have ALL beaten up wear rings. They break because they are not surrounded by the jet pump like the other models, they just hang out there in the breeze. I am now moving to a stainless wear ring on my daughter's machine. She just has to be more careful
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      I think the acceleration in degradation implies there may be more to the story, they aren't failing because I'm sucking something through the jet pump.

      They are wearing quickly because it appears the prop is contacting them which suggests misalignment somewhere along the drive line. I am very confident that if I were to swap to a stainless ring I'd only cause myself prop damage or even worse. The prop is grooving the rings significantly and at an increasing rate versus when I first got the ski.


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        Could it be a quality issue with the aftermarket wear ring?

        Id also look at your impeller and make sure it’s not bent or damaged at all. Check your jet pump bearings too. Start with the simple and go from there.
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          another question is it only rubbing in one spot or grooving all the way around?
          2019 RXT X 300
          2019 Spark TRIXX


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            This is the ring I took out a couple of weeks ago with about hours on it.

            The ring I just put in it was the one I originally took out to replace the fubar one pictured just to get me by. The reason I kept it was because it was still in 'OK' nick though as I only replaced it more 'just because' I was in there already replacing the crankshaft snub end due to being corroded. Click image for larger version

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              Was it broken like that before you took it out or did that happen on removal?
              2019 RXT X 300
              2019 Spark TRIXX


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                It was broken like that prior.

                I was heading out camping and noticed it the night prior to leaving when doing a final check over. It explained my recent drop of 10kmph in top speed although that was the the only symptom.

                I did notice when I installed that ring that it was shooting little bits of plastic out the back when run on the trailer but I assumed it was somewhat normal given the tight tolerance and assumed it would bed in and settle.

                These wear rings are far more durable and hearty versus the OEM ring, the original had about 20hrs with no issues and was only changed because I was in that area doing the crankshaft seal repair anyway. The newer one (imaged) had about 5hrs on it approx.


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                  I never had any issues like that with the stock rings before I went stainless, I would try an OEM again and see. Looks like those might have issues with tolerances or something, or they just aren't more durable at all.
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