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Need more speed! any ideas?

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    can't figure it out about 55mph is about all I'm getting


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      Did the water temp and air temp go up a lot when it's 90 to 100 and humid I lose about 5mph when it's 75 80 out water temp 68 I was getting 8100 rpm 100 and humid I'm at 7900 for like 15mins then drops to7700


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        Check your afr that's the first thing you should be doing. I would also remove that intake grate thinking that is creating some drag and losing some of your top end.
        If your intake grate is the problem you then need to decide if a couple mph is worth staying hocked up more often, I feel your pain it sucks having a boat that is always bouncing out of the water.


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          Originally posted by VX1
          You do lose a bit on top with the grate, but I feel it's worth it to stay hooked up.

          A stock S150 215hp will do 55mph all day long in the heat. You should have gained 2mph with the charger, and almost another 2mph with the intercooler, putting you a lot closer to 60. Something is wrong with your setup, but would be very difficult to track down without monitoring some things. First, do a compression test to ensure your motor is healthy. A compression test is cheap and easy to do yourself, just make sure you have a healthy battery too. Any sub-100 reading, and your engine isn't making the power it should. You could have burned out your rings by running lean before the RRFPR. You must install an AFR meter; the Innovate MTX-L works very well. The RRFPR is worthless without knowing your AFR. A boost gauge would also be important to have. If you see you're only pushing seven or eight pounds of boost with the X-charger, then you've found your performance problem right there. The modification game isn't cheap. I don't think I've ever added a mod that didn't require at least one other mod to support it.
          I m getting 60 to 61mph on gps with the et 127 wheel supercharger. 2006 speedster 215hp.
          2016 RxpX 300 85.2mph rev 8880 set up @9200rpm. 2017 RxtX 300 @ 8260. 80mph, reflash 8350, Gprxp race charger 100mph plus @ 9350rpm. Gprxp 127ET charger 81mph at 8120rpm sold.2008 rxpx 255 78mph@8640 sold. 2007 rxp 73.mph at 8340rpm sold. 2007 rxt sold, 2006 speedster 127 wheel 62mph plus.