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Speedster 200 Build

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  • Speedster 200 Build

    Hi All

    New to the forum, but have read and learnt a lot over the past year, reading all the great posts, so i thought it about time i shared my build.

    Nothing to crazy but he you go.

    2006 speedster 430


    1 mm over sized inlet and exhaust valves Kibble-white
    Retainers Les Cooke
    ARP head studs
    B kits from Les Cooke
    ECU remapped 8700rpm Les Cooke
    Fizzle F1000 inter-coolers
    42 injectors
    Wolbro 255 pumps
    RRFP turbo-smart
    Worx low temp thermostats
    08+ water boxes modified and 3 inch through hull exhausts
    Aqua sport exhaust spacer

    So next i just waiting for to new pumps with liners
    looking at getting scat track three blade 13 18 R

    Any one have any advice with props?


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    So how’d this go?


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      Probably.. BOOM!!


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        Hi Guys


        So after fitted 13 18 Rs took for a few test runs,best i got was 73mph with full fuel take of fuel and two people. The top rpm was 8200, need to get it higher, so i was going to play with pumps, but have decided to fit new cams, new springs and new retainers.

        Hopefully will get to the 8400 rpm

        then on to bigger injectors and supercharges.

        Ill keep you all posted

        need to fit a couple of o2 sensors so going to have new exhaust spacers made to be 2 inches.


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          Do you have pics of the IC setup?


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            sorry its dark when i get home but here are some pics
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              So have two ET 70-145 chargers and two sets of VT1100 fuel injectors to fit, completing the PTO oil upgrade, lighting the fly wheels. Hoping for 80mph

              Any one else had this set up on a 430, any thing i should look out for?


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                I'm building an 07 speedster.
                255 08 rxpx engine with wiring and ecu.
                Reflash to 8600 rpm
                48lb injectors
                Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
                Walbro fuel pump
                2?? wedge
                Stainless wear ring
                Solas prop
                Et 137 charger
                Custom dual outlet exhaust/no resonator
                Flame arrestor delete
                Riva cold air with custom flex hose for outside air.
                And a bunch more stuff I cant recall right now.

                And all I'm hoping for is 70mph. White 80 woohoo.
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                  Looking good!

                  Originally posted by Speedster 800
                  sorry its dark when i get home but here are some pics
                  Visit the online store @ PWCPerformance.com to see the full line of Fizzle High Performance Intercoolers to fit each Yamaha and Sea-Doo supercharged watercraft model for all production years. Installation instructions for Fizzle Intercoolers. Contact FizzleRacing(at)gmail(dot)com


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                    ET 70-145 just arrive, hopefully testing this weekend
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                      Cool build, how did the hull feel at 73?

                      The older I get, the more I find myself fixing things that I knew I was doing correctly at the time.‚Äč

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                        It was around 7 am (cold) dead flat water, it didn't jump around to much. I will need to make some trim tabs off the ride plate because once it starts porpoising it doesn't stop.

                        I also had a lot of pull to the right side on the steering, im hoping its just adjustment


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                          Pretty badass. How fast does it drink the fuel tank now ha


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                            Isn't not to bad if you not on full throttle just cruising , but if you are full throttle it doesn't last long lol


                            My new exhaust manifolds arrived today

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                              Hey all

                              Just a up date i have completed the head work on both engines, i have had the heads ported and new valve springs and retainers fitted super tec), also over sized valves Riva 1m+ and 2m+, lighten the flywheels and new custom ground cams.

                              So now working from home (covet 19) time to fit it all together and tune.
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