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2004 Sea Doo Sportster Driveshaft Bearing Question

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  • 2004 Sea Doo Sportster Driveshaft Bearing Question

    I'm replacing the carbon ring, bellows, and driveshaft boot and bearing. The carbon ring started leaking water.
    I've gotten it all apart. I noticed the driveshaft boot and bearing I took off, the bearing will spin freely with my finger.
    It has 2 rubber gaskets that form a tight fit around the drive shaft. And the gaskets and bearing spin with the driveshaft.

    The new bearing won't spin by my finger. I put in on the drive shaft and with some force the gaskets and bearing will spin.

    Is that bearing supposed to be so hard to spin? I'm afraid the bearing is not working properly and the driveshaft spinning will wear out the gaskets quickly (because the gasket is not spinning) and will leak oil. I've already returned one and ordered a second, more expensive, driveshaft boot and bearing.
    I included some pic of the part I'm looking at. Thank you guys.

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    The bearing shouldn't have resistance. It looks like an aftermarket bellow/bearing. Use oem only!