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Intake grate for 2005 sportster 215

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  • Intake grate for 2005 sportster 215

    I bought a 2012 grate but does not seem to fit. Anyone have any suggestions.

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    I just fitted one of these on my 2006 Sportster 215. All you have to do is cut about 1/4 inch of the plastic off of the pump shoe where the back of the intake grate is making contact with it on the rear plate. Just a quick rundown of why it doesn't fit on the 155 or 215 boats.....In 2009 when the 255 engines were released in the Speedster 150 (the new naming convention for the Sportster since the 2007 models) this top loader intake grate was added. This was to eliminate high speed cavitation due to pump starvation. With that, the plastic pump support (where the jet pump bolts to) was redesigned for the new intake grate. That intake grate is actually the stock intake grate from the 2008-2009 RXTX255 and the 2008-2011 RXPX255. Fun fact: Those skis were not GPS speed limited, so to keep it within regulation limited speed, the intake grate scoop was moved a little further forward and at a steeper angle for the US market. The international skis (RS models) had a different intake grate that didn't act as a brake.