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Considering buying a Sea Doo Speedster 2007 Supercharged

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  • Considering buying a Sea Doo Speedster 2007 Supercharged

    Few questions. This boat is in great condition. I know people who've seen it out quite a bit. I'm worried about 4 years from now when it needs a part. Am I going to have an issue like I have with my old polaris ski? I had a hell of a time finding someone to even work on my polaris ski. It's just me and my wife. Small size would be perfect.

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    It won't be a problem.


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      07+ had the upgraded valves, should be a solid boat as long as it’s had all its maintenances done.

      How many hours on motor, ask when was the list time supercharger was rebuilt and if they have the service records.

      If you are worried about maintenance, then don’t buy a supercharged boat if you aren’t able to pull the supercharger every 100 hours or so and get it rebuild. It’s not very difficult to do(3 bolts…although 1 is tricky)
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