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230 Challenger - two different props?

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  • 230 Challenger - two different props?

    I just replaced the wear rings for the first time on my 2012 Challenger 230 SE (520hp). After I put everything back together, the boat pulls to the left. What's strange to me is that I am pretty sure that the steering cable is in the exact same place it was before I disassembled the pumps, and the nozzles look straight. The pumps aren't cavitating, and the engines have electronically synchronized RPMs.

    When I was looking at the parts diagram, I noticed that the two props have different part numbers. The port prop is part number 267000970 and the starboard prop is part number 267000992. I wasn't careful in marking them when I took the pumps apart and there are no part numbers on the props themselves that I could see, so I could have mixed them up. Does the boat actually use two different pitches of props and would reversing them cause this issue?

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      Can you explain how I can tell them apart? I don't remember seeing the part number anywhere on the prop. I'm used to seeing the part number stamped on the blades of Solas props but these had no markings I could see.