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Restoring 2007 seadoo challenger 180

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  • Restoring 2007 seadoo challenger 180

    Restoring my 2007 seadoo challenger and
    hoping to sell it this spring.

    Don't have the time to use it anymore. It's been sitting at my parents house for the past 5 years getting destroyed by the weather and could use the money.

    Just purchesed all new upholstery.

    Installed new throttle and steering cables as well as a new throttle body.

    Installed a new radio.

    Installed all new hardware on the intake manifold/intercooler, and valve cover.

    Having an issue with the starter relay. Changed it 3 times and isn't the issue. The trigger wire is getting 12v on both pins when one should be grounded and only 12v when hitting the start button I believe.

    Traced the wires back to the fuse block where it looks like some of the pins are corroded. My issue is likely there.

    Main question I have is there is the diagnostic cable/plug. Gray w/orange cap and 6 pins. I think 5 wires going to it. That plug was sitting in standing water in the hull and it is corroded. Where can I get a new replacement?

    Any tips or advice on how to market this thing and sell it for the best price would be greatly appreciated.