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    I recently purchased a used JetSki that had a very faded seat due to sun exposure.

    The 'Ski had bee used very little and was in great condition other than the seat. I bought it to flip and didn't want to put a lot of money into it. My original plan was to put a replacement seat cover on it.

    I was curious if the vinyl could be dyed or something and discovered a paint made for vinyl, SEM Vinyl Coat. It works GREAT!

    If you want to check it out, here's their website: https://www.semproducts.com/product/vinyl-coattm

    SEM recommends prepping the material with their other products, but I just scrubbed the vinyl with lacquer thinner. The paint dries quickly and is flexible.

    Here are before and after photos of the seat:

    The paint seems quite flexible and doesn't rub off with finger pressure. It remains to be seen how it holds up to someone actually sitting on it and riding in rough water.

    The small holes in the back of the seat were trimmed and filled with silicone sealant, then ground flat with a Dremel tool before painting. Not a great repair, but a lot better than it was before.
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