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Yachtclub aluminum 2 place (spring) or triton elite (torsion)

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  • Yachtclub aluminum 2 place (spring) or triton elite (torsion)

    Which one to get. Both are aluminum but triton is 400 more. Torsion ride alot better or not really worth the added cost? I am towing two fullsize fx svho down freeway with a smaller suv.

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    If you can afford the torsion axle model, that would be my recommendation.

    Torsion axles ride better and certainly rattle a lot less.

    I have owned multiple Triton PWC trailers. A couple of singles and several doubles. Well built overall, I greatly prefer the torsion axle versions, especially models with all stainless steel bolt hardware.

    There are some owner upgrades that can make the Triton even better. I have posted about these elsewhere on here.

    My current Triton is a modified WC2-2 dual torsion axle. Immediately before that I had two Triton Elite doubles, both with torsion axle.

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      From what I've seen Tritons have lower bunks, which means you don't have to back as far into the water to launch the ski. This can be important if you have a 2 wheel drive/rear wheel drive vehicle.

      A trailer with high sitting bunks will cause you to back your rear tires in the water to launch/retrieve. This can be a problem at some ramps due to algae, sand, mud, etc., especially if retrieving 2 skis. Of course, having front wheel drive or 4WD would negate that.
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