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2008 Triton single LTWCI PWC trailer license plate attachment location

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  • 2008 Triton single LTWCI PWC trailer license plate attachment location

    Good morning. Just bought a 2011 Yamaha VX Deluxe sitting on a 2008 Triton LTWCI single PWC trailer. It has a license plate that is attached to the rear frame by a wire. Could you please share pictures of the location of where you are attaching your plates to and using what kind of attachment?

    On an unrelated subject, I am considering new hubs, any suggestions?

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    You can buy a mount just for a plate like this-->https://www.amazon.com/Aluminum-Trai...45701048&psc=1

    You unbolt a taillight and mount the bracket using the light mounting bolts. Or you can just use self tapping screws and mount it right to the rear crossmember.

    As for hubs, just stop by your local auto parts store. They'll have bearing kits OR the whole assembly with new lug nuts.


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      Have the same trailer - my plate was always mounted here. The original bracket was plastic which was sacrificial in case the plate grabbed on something. Bought a replacement once, when that one went snapped. Finally cut one out of an old stainless steel sink which I never intend to replace again. These trailers have excellent product support - found a supplier upstate NY and completely rewired and replaced all lights and bearing hubs with OEM parts. Fisk Distributing in Lyndonville NY 585-765-9107
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