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Fzr trailer mod, put dual axles on single trailer?

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  • Fzr trailer mod, put dual axles on single trailer?

    Hi guys and girls, has anyone added another axle to a trailer so ur running 4 wheels?? My friend has got another axle and fancies trying it when we refurb his existing trailer. I think it will look good plus when u get a dodgy wheel bearing and wheel is shot at least it won't ruin going out on the ski.

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    This is for a single ski


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      Sounds like over kill to me. If your grease your bearings and carry a spare your good to go. If its just for looks I guess that's another story.


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        Originally posted by Timdog
        This is for a single ski
        Are the dual axles going to sprung for 50% trailer weight load on each?

        Adding a second axle changes the trailer dynamics. If the axles are too highly weight rated for the actual trailer weight then they will tend to be bouncy.

        The trailer frame will be more sensitive to being towed level. Tongue high or tongue low will shift the weight onto one axle or the other.

        Dual axles must be in perfect alignment with the frame and with each other. A single axle can be slightly misaligned to the frame and make not much difference to the way it tows.

        Twice as many wheel bearings to maintain, twice as many tires to check air pressure.

        Trailer with dual axles may need a longer tongue to maintain towing stability and turning ease when reversing.
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