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Roller Bunks?

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  • Roller Bunks?

    Does anyone have any experience with using roller bunks on their jetski trailer? Good? Bad?
    We're not having issues launching or anything, it's just our bunk carpet has to be redone quite often and we were just looking for a better solution.
    I did read some folks mention stress from long hauls. We typically do one or two 200 mile trips a year, including salt water. Not sure how they handle salt, either. The rest of the time they sit at the lake on floating pwc docks. We do store them for the winter on the trailer, outside.

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    Conversation of that here:

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      Bunk Glide-Ons from Tie-Down Engineering. The only problem is that they are wider than a standard 2x4. Buy 2x6s and trim them to fit.
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        Pounds per square inch . . . add up the contact patch of every wheel that touches the hull, divided by the ski's weight. Then add-in the jarring of bumps and potholes which can multiply that weight g-forces over a long haul. Then note that "roller-bunks" are usually very straight (every roller = same height) which will have a hard time conforming to the curve of the hull, so that mean you might have all but 8 of a 16 wheel system actually supporting the ski.

        Contrast this to the classic carpeted wood bunks, which flex and warp to complement the ski's hull contour under weight like a "sling", aka reducing high points of pressure.

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