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Single PWC trailer with kayak/SUP rack on top

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  • Single PWC trailer with kayak/SUP rack on top

    Yep the title says it all, but I have yet to find such a unicorn. I have to believe someone else has thought of this and perhaps even fabricated the idea.

    I have a Sea-Doo Move trailer for my RXT-300. I tow it with a Subaru Ascent. We also have a 10'6" SUP and a 10' kayak. We used to have a truck so hauling the kayak and SUP was never a thought. Truck is gone and going to throw a hitch on the Subaru.

    Right now I only see adding crossbars, J hooks and pads for the gear and then use the bow/stern tie downs to drag along the front and rear paint until its worn off. Total up all those accessories and you're probably looking at $500?

    I would rather have all the water toys on the trailer. Sure I could trade in and spend another $1,000+ for a dual PWC trailer and then a few more hundred dollars to convert one bunk to hold the kayak and SUP. But why hasn't someone come up with a tower using U-bolts to extend out about a foot on both sides of the single PWC land then up with a rack above with enough clearance to allow the PWC to be pulled up onto the bunk at an angle before leveling off and winched securely into place.

    Anyone seen or know of such a thing other than just taking down to a fabricator and create something that doesn't consider something I may not have thought?

    Thank you!
    2022 SeaDoo 18' Switch Sport 230

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    I had a utility trailer that I used to carry my first Waverunner. I added a rack on top and carried sailboards on the sides with masts and sails on top. My wife called it the Gypsy Trailer.

    I had another trailer that was a side-by-side. I put a 'Ski on one side and built a rack on the other side to carry the sailboards.

    I don't think you'll find a factory built trailer that does what you want, but you can certainly modify one to suit your needs.
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      Doesn't help that this one is in New Zealand (MAKZ trailers) but might be an idea for your local fabricator...


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        Another photo. Looks pretty simple and gives you the whole upper deck for SUPs, kayaks, gear.... whatever.


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          Sorry to resurrect an older thread but here are some pics ive collected as I have been intending to do just this as well.
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            I like it!!