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"How To" DIY seat air Mod:

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  • "How To" DIY seat air Mod:

    The GPR can never get enough air circulating to keep things cooler and have more fresh air entering the engine compartment/hull. This mod will allow the hull to vent and or take in more fresh air. The Materials used allow the vents to be open during normal riding and closed off with a spin in plug for when the waters becomes rough enough that you might get water up thru there.

    Material/tool list:
    2- 1 1/2" ABS Female Adapter
    2- 1 1/2" ABS Plug

    2 1/4" Hole saw
    razor knife/razor blade
    whizzer with brown surface disc or sand paper or file.
    Electric or battery Drill
    Plastic Epoxy or Silicone of choice
    Rags/paper towels
    soapy water or glass cleaner or armour all wipes

    First prep the female adapter by taking the razor knife and carefully trimming off the nubs around the outside. Then take the whizzer and clean up the nubs and scuff the outside of the female adapter so epoxy or silicone will adhere better.
    Mark the location on both sides of the seat for the area to be cut out with the 2 1/4" hole saw. Make sure you are in an area that will go thru both plastics (double wall) and not into the floor of the seat pan. Also do not cut to close to the seat sealing gasket.
    Once holes are cut, clean up the edges with razor blade or razor knife.
    Take your adhesive of choice and spread evenly inside the hole where the seat foam remains, and onto the female adapter.
    NOTE* I was going to use plastic epoxy, but choose silicone instead to seal the seat foam from any water that may weep in. Epoxy will work as well if you use long dry time, so you have ample time to clean up excess epoxy.
    Using a soapy cloth, glass cleaner or armour all wipes to remove excess silicone and make neat.
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      Great idea! Keep the plugs down in the front bucket and you are ready for rough water anytime.
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        Today I did the Black seat, and used black silicone to glue/seal them in...


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          I have been to Home Depot and Lowes and can't find the ABS pieces anywhere.
          Been there... done that... currently got nothin...
          "Until we meet again - Thanks OSB"


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            yellow, go over the the inground sprinkler system tubing/parts and youll see them there...


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              Great write up! Very good idea!


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                Can you share a photo ?