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Are you getting the most speed out of your ski you can?

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    Originally posted by 2fast4u
    I have seen a fZR tunnel split bad on a sk that was only running 74 mph and had never seen any rough water conditions at all. Tommy Jordan
    I have seen more than 4 ski cracked stock class
    sea riders
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      I'm very interested in what people think the mechanism is whereby the ski is faster on fresh water compared to seawater. Now, disclaimer, I don't chase top speed much, so don't have a lot of personal data, but had always assumed that sea/salt water, being of a higher density, would be quicker. This is due to greater buoyancy (4-5%) making the ski ride higher and thus less wetted surface drag, and the higher density through the pump giving a greater impulse (momentum change), fairly important at top speed, since as speed increases thrust decreases, assuming the same exit nozzle velocity...

      This is genuine curiosity, not disputing anyone's experiences.... I know I get more speed on salt, but it's hard to separate the engine's performance gain going from the fresh water lake where I usually ride @ 3000' AMSL down to sea level (10% more air) from the water induced factors...

      Always assuming water conditions the same, of course.... I've never had the pleasure of glass on seawater...
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        Jet Ski speed mod's

        Hitman, what did your final prop pitch come to, to get to 81.9?
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          I agree whit zone5 Or at least our raceboat is quicker on salt water than fresh water.