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How to repair Yamaha hull gouges

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    • Epoxy primer for repair of NanoXcel hull damage

      Originally posted by JOSE LUIS SANJUAN VALERO View Post
      - important, before painting the hull, you must apply a layer of Epoxy Primer.
      It is sanded very finely and then can be painted.

      - the product that we are using. ...

      Interlux International Interprotect multi-use epoxy primer

      InterProtect has proven itself to be a universal primer.

      Below the waterline it can be used for corrosion protection on all underwater metals for hulls, keels, trim tabs and running gear as well as for blister protection and as part of the Ultimate No Sand System for new fiberglass boats. Above the waterline InterProtect is used on fiberglass and all metals.

      The InterProtect System was designed to repair hulls which have experienced gelcoat blistering. However, the best time to attack hull blistering is before it happens. Taking preventative action before a problem occurs greatly reduces the likelihood of an expensive repair and has been shown to increase resale value of your boat. If you're buying a new boat, protect your investment with the InterProtect System before it ever goes into the water!
      InterProtect is a universal primer for use above and below the waterline.

      ■ Repair and protection of gelcoat blistering
      ■ Use InterProtect as a primer over no-skid decks
      ■ Primer for cracked and crazed gelcoat
      ■ Use with Interfill?« 830 or Watertite for complete fairing system
      ■ Use over Epiglass?« Epoxy Resin and all clear epoxy resins
      ■ Use as part of the 'Ultimate' No Sand System for new
      or never been painted fiberglass boats
      ■ Oil & water resistant bilge coating
      ■ Anticorrosive primer for bare metal
      How to post your question, AFTER you have done your homework
      Asking for help via Private Message?
      For Ficht EMM Repairs, contact Lakeside Tech
      Yamaha NanoXcel hull repair info
      Polaris PWC useful info


      • Originally posted by winterstick View Post
        more of the grinding

        foam filled the hole and then laid the glass and epoxy, lots of it


        some more


        Long time ago! but what foam did you use to fill? I have the exact same repair I need to attempt.


        • Honestly, I'm attempting to tackle this myself for the first time and I just wanted to share my appreciation. This thread is single-handedly the best information I could find anywhere. Very detailed - and a great walk through. Thank you Vince for being our crash test dummy and posting the pictures and Reza for all the expertise. This has given me the courage to attempt to do this all myself. I'm going to buy the materials needed over the weekend and attempt a hole and some gouges very soon.

          As mentioned in the quote above for a hole that has breach the hull does anyone know which foam to use when filling? (if it is the first layer of the double hull?

          And for the future - how would you fill a hole that can't necessarily be foam filled (a through-hole).

          Thanks everyone!