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KEYWAY Install - DIY

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    I used my go pro and streamed the video to my phone and it helped alot lol.
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      I am about to do this to my 1200r motors out for a rebuild and will be doing one to my 1300r in the boat... Looks like a PITA.


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        If the engine is out it really is pretty simple. Do not have to remove the oil injection system. Just the entire fly wheel housing and just pull off to the side with oil system still in tacked. Then attach your wheel puller. With not to much effort the flywheel will POP off forward. If engine is not out of ski it is more work but still DIY. If engine is in ski, then use a mirror to placed the Key Way on correctly. Then reattach the fly wheel housing with the bolts you removed. Make sure to line up the oil pump gear bolt. The torque is about 55lbs. Good Luck P.S. I did mine with engine in ski. The real PITA, is the exhaust system removal.
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          I have already had that off it will be a good time to add my controller mill my head and put a filter setup on it. The 1200r should be easy as it will be on a bench to get built. That will be a good practice before I do it in the hull. Can't wait to get it done and start tuning it. Last year was a rough year.... hope it runs well this year!