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SVHO and GP1800 modification video overviews - must see!

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  • SVHO and GP1800 modification video overviews - must see!

    If you are a visiting this page from Facebook please be sure to sign up on this forum. You will find the absolute best information on modifying and maintaining your ski on this forum!

    We have a lot of new ski owners enjoying our sport/hobby of Personal Watercraft Performance which prompted me to make these videos to help you learn about these skis and the available modifications and results of those modifications. I hope you enjoy!

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    GP1800 modifications overview

    Supercharger upgrade tips and tricks

    Throttle body and intake manifold upgrade (ribbon delete) modifications

    Riva Rear Exhaust installed on GP1800... turn up the sound

    GP1800 runs 79 mph with only a MaptunerX tune, no other modifications

    GP1800 runs 81+ mph with GreenHulk Stage 1 kit
    This ski ran 79.2 mph bone stock with only a MaptuneX tune. We added the Riva power filter and Solas 13/18R impeller and pulled 81.9 mph. We will soon be ad...

    GP1800 runs 86+ mph with GreenHulk Stage 2 kit
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