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shift rod removal from ball joint?

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  • shift rod removal from ball joint?

    Hi all,
    I have a 2021 yamaha waverunner vx limited and part of winterizing is lubricating the connection between the shift rod and ball joint. Manual implies it simply pops out from the ball joint. Been trying to do that without any success. I don't want to break anything. Does it pop out with alot of pressure? Again don't want to damage anything..Thanks!

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    Originally posted by K447
    I think this is described in the owners manual, but it is written for the opposite problem of a bucket stuck in the down/reverse position and you need to move it up to be able to ride it back to the launch ramp.

    On the left side of the bucket is a connecting rod that links the bucket to the RiDE motor arm. The rod end has a sliding latch that locks the rod onto the ball that moves the bucket. Push the outer sleeve on the rod end a few mm up the rod, then the rod end will disengage from the ball.

    It can be tight working in there if you have big hands, but once you know how it works and have done it once, it can be done with a couple of fingers.

    Sometimes the rod end latch is kinda stiff/stuck and it can take some force to get it to move. A flat screwdriver end positioned right on the end/edge of the sleeve/slide and a mild hand tap should get it to unstick.

    There is another rod above the center of the nozzle, that is for the nozzle trim up/down. Both ends of both rods have the same ball latch/release mechanism.

    Note: Do not apply huge forces to the rod end latch mechanism. It is possible to bend/warp/damage the metal parts.
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      Thank you so much! took about 15 seconds to move the latch up and easily disconnected from the ball joint. I am surprised the owners manual doesn't accurately spell out that simple process.