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FX SVHO Winterization Question

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  • FX SVHO Winterization Question

    I have a 2014 Yamaha FX SVHO with the inlet port on the back where I normally flush my ski. I live in cold climate and this is my first time winterizing my ski. I filled my gas tank, replaced plugs, changed the oil, and sprayed fogging oil down each spark plug hole. My question is on flushing the ski with antifreeze. I'm curious what size pump everyone is using to run the antifreeze through the ski. I have a small 1.5 hp submersible utility pump I bought from Lowes. Can I just put that in a 5 gallon bucket with about 3 gal of antifreeze and run it through? Is this pump too big or small? Am I missing any other winterization steps? Thanks all!!

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    There are multiple recent threads outlining the winter prep process.

    For modern Yamaha PWC there is no anti-freeze required before cold weather storage.
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      As K447 said, most of the Yamahas are self draining. If you were to flush it after saltwater use, keep this in mind:

      If you were to use that pump, it's quite possible that it would supply too much water at too much pressure. This could flood the engine.

      I've built a flushing system for my 'Skis that has a recirculating loop that allows me to bleed off water from the output and run it back into the pump input. Before I hook it up to a 'Ski, I put my thumb over the open hose end and set it so that there is enough pressure to feed the engine, but not too much. The bypass has to be blocked during initial startup to prime the pump.
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