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2007 FXHO adding oil to fresh rebuild

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  • 2007 FXHO adding oil to fresh rebuild

    Hoping to get a little confirmation so i feel good about my fresh rebuild with OEM parts........Just rebuilt a new-to-me FXHO MR1, and am about ready to start. I know engine and reservoir capacity is about 4.5 quarts. Should i pour into reservoir until oil hits the bottom of the dipstick, and then pop the rubber grommet off valve cover and pour in the remainder through the top?
    Just a little nervous because i read online where someone removed oil filter and ran a rubber hose in outlet and put in about 1.5 quarts directly into pan. I can do this if it is the preferred method....just did not think about it early on, so will have to get my skinny arms on.
    Is it acceptable to pour ~1.5 quarts in grommet on valve cover? I have my original engine that i can somewhat reassemble tonight to confirm there is a good drain to carry the oil to the pan.

    Need to make sure i get this right so i do not starve any parts of oil, and seeking advice from those who do this regularly, and with confidence.

    Thank you very much,
    David in SC

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    OK, i mocked up my original engine, and popping the grommet off the valve cover will not work because there is one of the valve cover gasket figure 8 seals under it. Glad i did not go that route. Looks like i have 2 other options:
    1) Remove one of the valve cover screws - the one closest to the A on the end of Yamaha. Pouring through this hole will allow the oil to drain almost straight down to the pan. Is this a good option?
    2) Maybe better is to remove the rubber hose that runs between the valve cover and the oil reservoir and pour through valve cover side. This will allow the oil to run straight down the timing chain channel, where it should then drain into the pan. Maybe it will put a little oil on my chain on the way down.

    C'mom Team, can anyone confirm the best way to add my 1.5 quarts to the pan on an empty, freshly rebuilt MR-1? I know someone else has done it, and i am just being overly cautious as i don't want to do this again. Finding a rebuildable engine and tackling the rebuild has taken my whole Winter.

    Thank you,
    David in SC


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      Here is a photo showing the 2 options for filling some of the est 4.5 quarts of oil through the valve cover gasket. The left is the tube that goes to the oil tank. I assume this is the best place, as the oil will drain straight down the timing chain channel and leak back into the oil pan?
      Or, i can remove the cover screw just to the right of the last A in Yamaha. This sits right over the block oil return port, and should also allow the oil to flow freely to the pan.
      Any advice on which to use? Just a bit nervous as i do not want to starve any parts when i first start up.
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        I didn't do anything special on my wife's FXHO. I just cranked it for 15 seconds with plugs out.....waited several minutes.....cranked again......then finished up and fired it off. The assembly lube should be enough to crank for a bit while keeping everything protected. If you're real worried about it, you could put oil in a pump up sprayer and pressurize it into the system with a barb fitting swapped out into the oil switch location. That's how a lot of guys do it on a fresh LS build.


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          Thanks Myself. I cranked a little while ago, and she purred like a kitten. Now to begin the break-in process.

          Thank you for your help,
          David in SC