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Crank Truing Basics 101

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    Originally posted by TaulmanServices
    Hi I am a beginner DIY Mechanical Engineer. I have an 2002 XLT 1200 and I am going to take the crankcase apart soon to inspect. I am going to follow your procedure but I have never welded before- is this something that is easy to learn how to do? Also what do I have to buy to do this tig welding- all the materials to finish and reassemble the crank?
    find your self a mentor and learn that way. welding is quite easy but there are many applications and factors involved in doing it correctly for the metal and application your working with. take some classes. if you just want to weld some stuff that the welds aren't critical foe strength and absolute reliability like a metal gate , etc then its pretty simple but otherwise i would learn from someone . its a lot of fun too. good luck. PS i am not a welder other than simple wire welding.