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carb tuning

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  • carb tuning

    When tuning carbs,its very important to have a good tach.Something i want to share that is important:

    Tune you carbs with a full tank of gas.Why?....if you tuned your ski with 1/4 tank for max rpm,then filled it up and ran it,you could be too lean.With added weight of the fuel,the motor will want more fuel to pull the extra weight and if your tuned for low fuel,it could put you in a lean condition.Simply tune for a full tank,that way you will have plenty of fuel all the time.Also,watch the weather or RAD for changes that could lower the corrected altitude.I watch the weather all the time and constantly watch my tach.Know your ski and watch for rpm drops that can accure with weather change and dont be affraid to raise them highs up when its cooler out.


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      Yea I also forgot to mention on top of all of the other problems I had today, it was also about 45-50 degrees out!