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primer kit install...right and wrong way!

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  • primer kit install...right and wrong way!

    Ok, so im having a fuel pressure issue on a ski im building. Today, i pressure tested the entire fuel system. Ok, at 6-7 psi, the pressure was dropping. I look down and see fuel from the 1/8 primer lines running into the carbs. So the primer switch was letting fuel run past it. I call and talk to Osidebill and he asked me were the 'T' for my primer switch was. I look and its BEFORE the 90 main jet restrictor. I know better than this but somehow got ass-backwards when i installed it. Shit happens. When you install the 'T' for your primer in the RETURN line, make sure its AFTER the restrictor! The primer switch will not hold more than 3-4 psi. Just a heads up for everyone, its an easy thing to. I have done alot of ski's and this is the first time ive done this. It was simply operator error! Its easily mistaken. Also, install the 'T' close to the carbs, there is always fuel in there.Bill taps the return nipple on #1 carbs and installs the restrictor there. Im running a fuel pressure guage so the restrictor has to go up stream so the 'T' for the guage can be installed in between.

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    Do you happen to have the instructions that come with a primer kit, I am planning on getting one for the gp1200's and would kinda like to familiarize myself beforehand....


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      Scanned Document.PDF

      if this dosent show up let me know i can email them to you


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        Thanks Brandn !!


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          I know this may seem like a dumb question but you are saying to install the "T" on the return line and the instructions say to install it on the reserve fuel line. Which is right?
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            Most people install it on the return line so if you have a air leak within the primer system you will not lean out and fry your motor,yes it does say to install on the reserve line but most people know it is safer on the return.


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              Not to thread jack, but I just discovered today that my primer kit on my ski(99 GP1200X) has the tee on the "ON" fuel line and not the reserve line. Also, my primer kit connects to the carbs at the riva flame arrestor adapters through the oil injection fittings. My oil lines are connected where the choke ports used to be. These modifications were performed by the previous owner, and I recently discovered them today.

              1. Should I move the primer tee to the reserve line or the return line. What is the advantage of the return line? ( I think the previous post answered this question, however, I am looking for confirmation)

              2. Is there an issue having the oil lines on the former choke ports? Seems to me like there would be less of a chance of losing an oil line with this configuration, but the diameter of the injection orifices of the original configuration are much different. This is where my concern emerges from.

              I have been searching all day and have not found alot on this subject.
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                Hey wood I am bout to purchase a primer and I would also like to run a fuel pressure gauge could you take a pic of the way you got that hooked up i am just not sure how the gauge woks ?
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                  Originally posted by GPR305
                  Hey wood I am bout to purchase a primer and I would also like to run a fuel pressure gauge could you take a pic of the way you got that hooked up i am just not sure how the gauge woks ?
                  Sure, gimme a call 775-315-0222


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                    Where is the most common place to mount the plunger?
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                      Depends on the ski. I mounted mine in the old Choke cable hole on my 97 GP1200. I had to drill the hole out bigger first.
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                        Originally posted by explorer6764
                        Most people install it on the return line so if you have a air leak within the primer system you will not lean out and fry your motor,yes it does say to install on the reserve line but most people know it is safer on the return.
                        I have found my boats hard to prime when connected to the return line because there does not always seem to be fuel in those, so I have found a safe way to put it in the RESERVE line. Use a full thru size tee to splice in the reserve line, then on the line to the plunger install one of the check valves from the oil pump lines you probably took off when you went premix. The check valve protects from an air leak in the plunger seals or checks from letting air back in the reserve line and also makes the primer work better too.
                        PS: OsideBill gave me the idea to use an oil line check when I asked him where I could find some kind of little check valve. It works great. THis idea works real well on dual feed line fuel setups too.
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                          ^^^Thats a great idea
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                            Great info on this site.


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                              This instruction should be included as mandatory in SBTs crappy primer plunger instructions. Thanks for posting this last year LT.

                              I used this post yesterday to add the old oil pump check valve (from one of the blown motor skis I bought this year) to my new primer. Here is a video of the install:


                              The ski is the Yamaha SUV which has the front and rear seat sections. The rear seat section is very quick and easy to remove so I chose to use this location to install the new primer plunger. It puts it in a very easy to install area, out of sight, will allow me to later remove the previously installed primer plunger and strap a set of carbs that have the choke plates back on.

                              IMO (and I'm sure it is smattered all over this site) a much better configuration for those who are going to pre-mix AND want a primer plunger is the following (and thanks to Boudin for the idea on leaving choke plates on).

                              1. Buy ONLY a primer plunger if you buy one from SBT or Ebay and get the rest from Autozone or wherever...don't waste your money on an entire kit. The parts from SBT in the kit suck! You will also need to purchase the fuel line adapter "T" that will plug into the primer line and the larger fuel line, some legit fuel line for the primer (the clear plastic junk that SBT sends dries up so quickly and so hard that it is difficult to work with if you have to mess with it later and I question if it ends up leaking air after drying out) and 2 other smaller "T's" to feed the primer fuel into the flame arrester nipples.

                              2. DON'T remove the choke plates! They are a pain in the rear to remove and I cannot figure out why I would want to remove the ability to choke my cold blooded 65U in the first place.

                              3. Since switching to pre-mix leaves 3 perfectly vacant nipples on the bottom outside edge of the flame arrestor, simply connect the primer lines to those nipples. They sit right there above the carb anyway.

                              4. For the SUV, I think a good spot for install is either right between the seat hold-downs for the rear seat (since it is so easy to remove) or it could probably easily be configured to sit where the fresh water rinse hose is located if you want to just lay that hose down in your hull to the left of the motor...if you fear drilling a hole in your ski

                              5. Check the oil check valve that you choose to use from your old oil pump for flow by blowing through it to make sure it is not clogged (one of mine were completely plugged up...and probably why that motor blew in the first place). Install it 10" or so below the angled nipple on the primer with the embossed black arrow pointing toward the primer for flow direction.

                              Running the primer lines into the flame arrestor nipples also keeps the primer lines away from the hot motor which is just a bonus IMO.

                              Anyway...here is a quick youtube vid I did of my install. Sorry it is so rudimentary but I don't want to take time to edit it right now.
                              Last edited by macGruber; 07-25-2014, 08:37 AM. Reason: Add video link and description of how I hooked up my SUV primer