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Needle and seat side not getting fuel

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  • Needle and seat side not getting fuel

    I have a 96 wave blaster with dual mikuni carbs. They were rebuild with mikuni kits this summer. I had a crank seal leak and just recently broke the engine down to replace the seals. Now that I have put it all back together it will not start. I took the carbs apart to check everything out, and have fuel on the pump side, but no fuel on the N/S side. I am not sure where to even begin.

    I did have slightly lower compression before I changed the crank seals. Maybe it's still to low. Maybe the compression is to low to activate the diaphragm?

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    Sometimes even the Mikuni N&S can stick when they sit ,, so I usually put a little wd40 and work them before reassembly

    compression testers are cheap however the fuel is more dependent on the crank case being sealed properly
    reeds in good shape ?


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      Just getting back to this lol. Sorry about that. Yeah the reads are new. Found out upon further inspection, my return fuel port is clogged. Can't get it unclogged. Used air, carb cleaner and wire.