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What causes exhaust bolts to break like this? Pics included

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  • What causes exhaust bolts to break like this? Pics included

    I bought this ski used, and knew these exhaust bolts and brackets were damaged. I have ordered the new brackets, comma but still need to order the bolts.

    What would cause these bolts and bracket to break like this?

    Pics of bolts here https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...s3I_W8ydBT4xhl

    Also, there is this wire with a black connector on the end coming from the exhaust that isn't plugged into anything. Where does it go.

    Pics of wire https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...EzC73WNgrqWYFg

    Finally, when I hit the start button to turn the ski on (not eunning), I don't hear the power vavles cycling. Is this normal?

    I have test ridden the ski, and it runs great. Will do 60mph.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


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    When the bolts break, it's because something is not installed correctly. Look at the parts diagrams and make sure EVERY part of the exhaust is correct. Make sure the aluminum spacers under the front head bracket are correct. Make sure the bracket UNDER those broken bolts is bolted to the cylinders properly, etc. CHECK EVERYTHING. The wire is commonly unhooked when the D-plate and chip are added after the oem cat is removed. You better also make sure you have updated PV keepers and all the oil lines have been replaced as well. If you start the ski up and run it for 10 seconds, THEN shut it off you should hear the PV servo cycle back and forth.