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  • WaveRunner History

    These small-hulled craft driven by a jet-propulsion system with a seat that you sit on like riding a horse and with an open stern that makes for easy mounting and dismounting on the water. These marine sport watercraft loved by people all over the world today were introduced by Yamaha in 1986 for the first time in the world. To this new type of watercraft that have no protruding parts on the bottom of the hull and are easily righted and ridden again should they happen to capsize, Yamaha applied its famous small-engine technology to make vehicles that are truly reliable, fun and functional. With its capability to run freely across great expanses of water, Yamaha named its revolutionary invention the WaveRunner, and it became a big hit product that let people experience a refreshingly exciting and fun form of sound marine recreation anyone can enjoy. Since their release, these WaveRunners have been refined and their popularity has spread to the point where they are now used in over 120 countries worldwide. Here is their history.


    WaveRunner 500 (Marine Jet 500T)

    Yamaha released the WaveRunner 500 (Marine Jet 500T), the world's first sit-down type open stern production PWC.This is the model that created today's PWC market. As a agile craft that many people could enjoy with a sense of assurance, it sent shockwaves through the small watercraft industry.


    WaveJammer 500 (Marine Jet 500S)

    The WaveJammer 500 (Marine Jet 500S) debuted as the world's first sit-down type solo riding PWC. The combination of a fixed steering column and small hull made this an extremely agile model. Its concept would later be carried on by the WaveBlaster models.


    WaveRunner III 650 (Marine Jet 650TL)

    The WaveRunner III 650 (Marine Jet 650TL) was released as the world's first 3-passenger PWC, featuring a larger hull and high-performance engine. With truly pleasurable running performance and great stability, it started a new rage and became the predecessor of the later family models. It became a standard that is still seen on the water today. Its reverse drive was also a first.

    Super Jet 650

    With the SuperJet 650, Yamaha made itself a presence in the stand-up model category.
    The great balance of this model quickly spread the Super Jet name around the world, making the stand-up models accessible to more people.


    WaveRunner VXR650 (Marine Jet 650TX)

    The WaveRunner VXR650 (Marine Jet 650TX) was released as the deluxe model of Yamaha's tandem series. While the same size as the initial WaveRunners, the adoption of a new concave hull design gave it sharper turning with less slip.


    WaveBlaster 700 (Marine Jet 700TZ)

    The WaveBlaster 700 (Marine Jet 700TZ) made its debut. With a motorcycle-like ride that let riders enjoy sharply banked turns, combined with its powerful engine, this model won the hearts of sports-minded riders. At the races it dominated the sport class competition. This is a model that still has many devoted fans today.


    WaveRaider 700 (Marine Jet 700RA)

    The WaveRaider 700 (Marine Jet 700RA) was released. PWC's entered a new era of speed racing, and runabout type models with ÔÇ£VÔÇØ hulls became the standard.
    This same year Yamaha also released the FX1 stand-up model.


    WaveVenture 700 (Marine Jet 700VN)

    The full-sized 3-seater model WaveVenture 700 (Marine Jet 700VN) debuted. Because this was a model that beginners could ride with assurance even in fairly rough waters, it became a hit at beaches with PWC rentals. It is the predecessor to today's rental standard, the XL700. This year the WaveRaider was also graded up with a 1100cc engine for the increasingly high-speed PWC scene.


    WaveBlaster II

    To help more people enjoy the fun of riding a PWC aggressively, the WaveBlasterII was released with a powerful 760cc engine and a hull designed for even greater stability.
    The Super Jet was also graded up with a 700cc engine.


    WaveRunner GP 1200

    The GP1200 was released as a runabout model with awesome performance. With the most powerful engine in the industry and a compact body designed for great agility, this model stole the hearts of riders who loved real speed riding.


    WaveRunner XL 1200

    The XL1200 debuted as Yamaha's top model in the full-sized 3-seater category. It won popularity for its unbeatable combination of a powerful engine, a hull that delivered both great running performance and stability and contemporary styling. This model expanded the world of PWC sports to include touring, towing sports and family riding.
    Its popular body design has been passed on to today's XL700


    WaveRunner SUV 1200
    WaveRunner XL 1200 Ltd.

    The SUV1200 debuted as the world's first 4-passenger PWC. With stability like no PWC before it and handling freedom that belied its size, this model became an industry legend. It further expanded the world of PWC enjoyment to long-distance touring.
    This same year, Yamaha also introduced the XL1200 Ltd. powered by the industry's highest horsepower engine at 155 hp.


    WaveRunner GP 1200R

    The GP1200R debuted with a 155 hp engine and newly designed hull and body. Its unsurpassed running performance and gorgeous design won it the crown as leader of the muscle craft. It quickly became the must-have machine for the performance-oriented rider.


    WaveRunner XLT 1200

    The XLT1200 debuted as a re-designed version of the XL1200 Ltd. with a completely new front look. This was a model that made many performance-minded customers look to the 3-seater category for the first time.


    WaveRunner FX140

    The FX140 was released as the world's first 4-stroke engine PWC. Its smooth engine feeling, clean exhaust and great fuel economy revolutionized the world of PWCs. It also became popular for its new hull design that provides good stability even on rougher waters.


    WaveRunner GP 1300R

    Raising the displacement of the highly-acclaimed 1200cc engine and adding fuel injection and a high-performance catalytic converter, Yamaha introduced the GP1300R as a revolutionary muscle craft that offered both performance and environmental friendliness. This model made Yamaha the leader in environment-friendly models in both 2- and 4-stroke PWCs. An FX Cruiser version of the FX140 with hip-support seats was also introduced.


    WaveRunner FX Cruiser High Output

    The FX High Output and FX Cruiser High Output appeared with higher performance 4-stroke engines. With these models the much talked about 4-stroke models entered the high-performance arena. Yamaha 4-stroke models are now praised throughout the industry for their smooth-running engines, great reliability and outstanding hull performance.


    WaveRunner VX Deluxe

    The VX Sport and VX Deluxe are released with the aim of getting more customers to experience the wonderful performance of 4-stroke engine models by offering an irresistible combination of high quality and an affordable price. The engine is a masterpiece of engineering based on the proven high-performance 4-cylinder engine used on the FX High Output models. Combined with a new-design hull, this model opens new horizons for the PWC.


    WaveRunner FX Cruiser High Output
    WaveRunner VX 700

    The flagship model FX Cruiser High Output appears with improvements that further heighten its unique cruiser concept and a boldly impressive new colored hull. A number of new features like the sporty analog meter panel accentuate the new world of cruising pleasure this model offers the rider.
    Also, as the successor to the popular XL700 that has been the craft of choice at PWC rental operations around the world, Yamaha presents the new model VX700. Mounting the proven, highly durable Yamaha 700 cc 2-stroke engine on VX hull, known for its exciting handling, this model sets a new standard in the entry-level model category.


    WaveRunner VX Cruiser

    To the worldwide best-selling VX series we add the new model VX Cruiser with a newly developed "Cruiser Seat." The excellent sense of fit that the riding position of the seat provides makes it possible to experience the fine handling performance of the VX hull even more

    WaveRunner FX HO

    The Powerplant
    • The FX SHO is powered by an all new 1.8 liter, supercharged, super high output Yamaha Marine Engine. This 1812cc engine, which is purpose built for the marine environment, is the largest displacement engine ever installed in a personal watercraft. It is also the only engine in the high-performance, four-stroke category optimized to run on the least expensive Regular Unleaded fuel.
    • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI): Four electronically controlled fuel injectors, throttle position sensor (TPS) and intake air pressure and air temperature sensors supply the optimum air/fuel mixture. The results are a smooth, high power output with low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions.
    • Specially Designed, One-piece Cylinder and Crankcase Assembly: Provides tremendous engine rigidity that's lighter and stiffer than two-piece designs.
    • Slant Detection Switch: Electronic switch stops engine and oil pumps immediately if watercraft becomes overturned, protecting motor from unwanted water ingestion.
    • High Volume Intake Box: With water repellent air filter and flame arrestors.
    • Wet Sump Lubrication: Uses two engine oil pumps to deliver lubricated oil to each moving part with water-jacketed sump and oil backflow protection.
    • Yamaha Engine Management System (Y.E.M.S.): An integrated, computerized management system that controls and adjusts such functions as ignition timing, fuel injection mapping, engine diagnostics and off throttle steering. The OTS function of Y.E.M.S. activates when the operator releases the throttle lever and attempts to steer the watercraft. This assists the operator in turning while the watercraft is decelerating.
    • Independent Water-jacketed Exhaust Manifolds with Collector: Achieves high power while keeping noise and exhaust heat under control.
    • Thermostatic Cooling System: Water flow through the engine is automatically controlled through a thermostat sensor.
    • Corrosion Protection System: Sacrificial zinc anodes protect the engine from harmful galvanic corrosion. Stainless steel fasteners (nuts, bolts, hardware) provide a long service life. Cylinders, cases and heads are all treated with a durable oxide coating to form a barrier between corrosion and expensive engine parts.
    • Electronically Controlled, Variable Ignition Timing: For exact ignition advance control at all throttle positions and RPMs.
    • Direct Ignition: For more efficient combustion.
    The Jet Pump Propulsion System
    • The FX SHO's 155mm hyper-flow jet pump propulsion system with three-blade stainless steel impeller is designed to maximize water flow for high performance. The FX pump configuration provides excellent hook-up and smooth acceleration.
    • The industry's only Reverse with Traction Control technology: maintains the perfect RPM to provide the optimal speed for effectively maneuvering when the watercraft in reverse
    • Quick Shift Trim System (Q.S.T.S.): Mechanically operated, this system offers instant change in the attitude of the watercraft while underway allowing for tighter turns or quicker acceleration on plane, as the rider prefers. Q.S.T.S. offers 24 degrees of total trim range.
    • Stainless Steel Impeller Housing Liner: For high durability, the liner maintains accurate clearance tolerances between the impeller and the housing.
    • High Flow Intake Duct and Grate: The dynamic shape of these items directs water flow into the pump for better thrust, performance and hook up.
    • Pumps are Manufactured with YDC30: A combination of zinc and copper alloys, developed by Yamaha marine engineers, that offers excellent corrosion protection.
    The NanoXcel Hull and Deck:
    • The FX SHO features the world's first hulls and decks manufactured through the use of cutting edge nanotechnology. Yamaha's new NanoXcel ultra-lightweight, high strength material reduces the weight of the hull, deck and liner by 25% and provides performance gains in acceleration, top speed and handling. Additionally, the NanoXcel material offers a shinier, gem-like finish which reduces surface tension on the water, providing a more nimble, responsive ride.
    • Progressive, Stepper Draft V-Hull with Integrated Bow Spray Guard: Provides excellent maneuverability, handling and comfort.
    • Sponson Design: Provides added straight-line comfort and an improved two and three-up riding experience.
    Additional Features:
    • Yamaha's exclusive Cruise Assist is the industry's first system that allows the driver to set and hold a particular speed while maintaining a comfortable riding position with the throttle. Once the speed is set, the driver can increase or decrease the speed through the simple push of a button. When the throttle is disengaged the system shuts off.
    • Yamaha's exclusive No Wake Mode makes cruising through no-wake zones a breeze. Once engaged, the no-wake mode moves the engine's RPMs to an optimal speed, approximately 5 mph, for efficiently navigating through a no-wake zone. Once through, the driver simply applies throttle and the no-wake mode is released.
    • Four-step Adjustable Tilt Steering System: Allows the rider to adjust the steering column angle from 55 degrees to 35 degrees.
    • Multi-function Electronic Information Center: Provides the operator a quick read on speed, RPM, fuel level, low fuel warning, low oil pressure warning, battery voltage, overheat warning, hour meter, check engine light with self-diagnostic function and the industry's only audible warning system.
    • Industry's First Remote Controlled Transmitter: With the touch of a button on Yamaha's innovative remote controlled transmitter, you can activate and deactivate the FX SHO's digital security system and all-new Low RPM Mode from up to 30 feet away.
    • Low RPM ModeÔäó: Also with the touch a button on the remote transmitter, the top speed of the FX Cruiser High Output is reduced by nearly 30 percent.
    • Yamaha Security System: This security system that can be activated with the touch of a button ensures that no one starts the FX SHO without your permission.
    • 26 Gallons of Total Storage: Includes a large 19.8-gallon cooler, rear storage tub and glove box.
    • Glove Box with Self-draining Beverage Holders: The industry's first self-draining beverage holders.
    • Extra Large Boarding Platform with Retractable Reboarding Step: Provides a stable area for reboarding.
    • Dual Mirrors: Automotive style and convenience.
    • Finger Throttle Lever: Provides added comfort while reducing hand fatigue.
    • Yamaha's Trademarked Visibility Spout?«: A waterspout from the rear of the craft that improves the watercraft's conspicuity.
    Mr Waverunner
    1993 Waverunner III - sold
    1988 Bayliner Capri 1950 125 Force - sold
    1989 Criss Craft 3.0 Mercruiser CC - sold
    1990 Bayliner Capri 3.0 - sold
    2002 Waverunner XLT 800 - Parting out
    1998 Waverunner XL 1200
    1999 Bayliner Capri 1800 125 HP Mercury
    2011 Waverunner VXR 1.8

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    Yamaha Models

    FZ Series

    Although the new 2 seater doesn't have trim tabs like the GPR, Yamaha has taken some of the hull designs from the GPR and applied them to the FZ series. This new hull retains a dihedral keel shape for high speed turning, much like the GPR has. This gives the hull that "lean in" feel while carving out turns. It also has full length lifting strakes for more top speed. The hull incorporates a larger pump inlet duct for more acceleration and better hookup.

    Engine Type: 1.8 liter, 1812cc, supercharged four-stroke engine
    Displacement: 1812cc
    Impeller: 3 blade, stainless steel (17?? pitch)
    Length: FZR: 131.9ÔÇØ, FZS: 132.7ÔÇØ
    Beam: 48.4ÔÇØ
    Height: 45.7ÔÇØ
    Fuel Capacity: 18.5 gallons, regular unleaded fuel
    Passenger Capacity: FZR: 1-2 (353 lbs.) FZS: 1-3 (529 lbs.)
    Storage Capacity: 21.3 gallons
    Hull Material: NanoXcel High-Compression Molded Compound
    Warranty: 1 year limited

    The all new FZ Series evokes Yamaha's world-championship race heritage while ushering in a new era of high-performance design as the first sit down watercraft made for stand up riding.

    A new feature for Yamaha that is exclusive to the FZ Series is an innovative, 3-position telescoping steering column that gives the rider the option to ride seated or standing, depending on where the rider is most comfortable conquering the water.

    The all-new Yamaha FZ Series combines the industry's most advanced hull and the industry's largest displacement, supercharged engine in one adrenaline-pumping package for the PWC enthusiast that wants nothing less than the best all around ultra- high performance watercraft on
    the water. This next generation of the renowned Yamaha GP Series offers improved handling, more power, stronger performance and more versatility than anything else in the segment.

    The FZ's all-new hull design combines remarkably tight turning with an edge-to-edge inside-lean character that is as exciting as it is precise. The FZ Series features Yamaha's exclusive, award winning
    NanoXcel hulls and decks that are engineered using nanotechnology to reduce overall weight. The result is a state of the art watercraft that is quick and nimble, but with balance and maneuverability that truly connects the driver to the machine.

    For 2009, the FZ Series includes the two-person FZRÔäó that features a muscular coupe-like profile and the three-person FZSÔäó that offers the versatility to tow or ride with multiple passengers.

    Both the FZR and FZS are powered by Yamaha's 1812cc, supercharged SHO engine that is the largest displacement engine in the PWC industry. Exclusive to Yamaha, this engine produces awesome power, but it is also the most fuel efficient in its class and is optimized to deliver the
    utmost performance using Regular Unleaded fuel.

    The FZ styling reflects Yamaha's racing heritage ÔÇô sleek lines, deep gauge automotive instrumentation, and a masculine fast-back profile with bold colors and graphics.
    2000 Stock GPRXP ~ 83.6 / 7900 rpm
    2006 Stock RXP ~ 67.7 mph
    2000 Stage II GP1200R ~ 76.7 / 7400 rpm (retired motor 2007 for conversion build)

    Pics ~Pics & Mods~ / Keep the 2-Strokes Alive !

    Buy your Performance Parts at @ www.4tecperformance.com


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      The All-New Yamaha VXR & VXS
      Click image for larger version

Name:	VXR_01_top.jpg
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ID:	4786842

      For the personal watercraft rider who understands and appreciates the sprit of rally and tuner cars that deliver mouth-dropping thrills in an affordable lightweight package, Yamaha introduces the all-new VXR and VXS WaveRunners - marking the highest performance, normally aspirated personal watercraft the industry has ever seen.

      The all new Yamaha VXR and VXS WaveRunners feature Yamaha's 1812cc 4 cylinder, 4 stroke marine engine, combined with an ultra lightweight hull and deck made from NanoXcel, Yamaha's exclusive material that is engineered using nanotechnology to be stronger and lighter than anything else in the industry.

      The Engine
      Click image for larger version

Name:	cad_engine_250w.jpg
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ID:	4786841
      The heart of the Yamaha VXR/VXS is the industry's first and only 1.8L engine that is the largest displacement motor ever designed for a personal watercraft. Exclusive to Yamaha, this engine produces awesome raw power, but it is also exceptionally fuel efficient and optimized to deliver the utmost performance using Regular Unleaded fuel.

      Lightweight NanoXcel Hull and Deck
      Click image for larger version

Name:	VXR_01_250.jpg
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Size:	51.3 KB
ID:	4786840
      The VXR/VXS features the industry's first and only nanotechnology-engineered hulls, decks, and liners that are the lightest and strongest in the market today. The result is a state of the art watercraft that is quick and nimble, but with balance and maneuverability that truly connects the driver to the machine.
      In today's more value minded marketplace, there is nothing like the VXR and VXS that deliver on the singular goal of offering high-performance at an affordable price. These models focus on the true essence of what makes watercraft riding fun and no more.

      Yamaha Corp. 2010
      Mr Waverunner
      1993 Waverunner III - sold
      1988 Bayliner Capri 1950 125 Force - sold
      1989 Criss Craft 3.0 Mercruiser CC - sold
      1990 Bayliner Capri 3.0 - sold
      2002 Waverunner XLT 800 - Parting out
      1998 Waverunner XL 1200
      1999 Bayliner Capri 1800 125 HP Mercury
      2011 Waverunner VXR 1.8


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        this was pretty cool! any plans to expand the information about performance and reliability issues? what 2 and 4 stroke models would you say were the absolute most reliable of the entire brand through the years?