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  • Nano light weight hulls

    How is it that Yamaha is still having hull cracking issues in the pursuit of lightweight ? More power in a lighter hull at higher speeds than ever ! My old GPR hull is 18 yrs old technology and it's still better than this new Nanoxcell material. It's heavier for sure but the average owner can repair it themselves. Has Yamaha ever released information on repairing this material ? GP1800 cracking scoopgrate inserts are a real issue . I have put off making a purchase till it's fixed , I can wait .

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    There is information available on how to repair NanoXcel hull material. Specific materials and methods are involved but it is not particularly difficult.

    The 2019 GP1800R no longer has the inner liner cut away around the hull inserts for the intake grate bolts. This is expected to reduce concerns regarding stress cracking in that area. If desired the larger insert brackets could be installed to further strengthen the area.

    2017 and 2018 GP1800 hulls can be reinforced in this area. Not a particularly difficult task, and once reinforced there is no longer a concern regarding potential cracking. GH store sells the larger hull insert brackets. The reinforcement methods have been posted in several threads.

    Our 2017 GP1800 (we have two) are reinforced (method details and photos posted) and have had no issues with hull cracking. Circa 140 hours on each, one using an aftermarket scoop intake grate, one with factory intake grate.
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